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the walkman

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MJ’s death made me think about my childhood and how music played a big part in it. and the reason? the walkman and MTV. and i’d like to thank my parents for getting me my very first walkman.

my dad and mom got me a walkman during their visit to japan in the early 80s. i believe i was 6, i never really asked for one but my brother did. so my folks thought they had to get me one as well so that i won’t get jealous. a common philosophy shared by a lot of parents, i think. i got a lot of stuff that i thought i didn’t want through that kind of thinking – my first tv in my room, my first expensive watch, my first bass weejuns. i’m not complaining.

ANYWAY, i loved that walkman. i bought tape cassettes like crazy. i would even record songs that i liked from the radio since a lot of stuff weren’t available so easily in manila stores back then. unlike today where you can just download from the itunes store or limewire, we had to wait for songs to be played on the radio. wow, huh?

i listened to my walkman everywhere and all the time. madonna, cyndi lauper, michael jackson, wham!, the bangles, the go-gos, whitney houston, bananarama, duran duran, menudo – oh my. that was the soundtrack of my life. my mom actually made me take voice lessons because she heard me sing “like a virgin” one time with my walkman on. and not only did she think the song was outrageous, she also thought i had an awful voice. hehehe.

which leads me to another childhood favorite, prince. as obscure and weird as prince can get, i loved him. i loved raspberry beret. i never really thought much about the lyrics, who did at 7 or 8? i only found out a couple of years ago that it was about sex. amazing that my favorite songs as a child – like a virgin and raspberry beret were all about somebody’s first sexual experience. wow.

anyway, my favorite thing about rasberry beret was the video.

and i still know those dance steps. hahahaha!

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July 1st, 2009 at 8:27 am


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honestly, i never thought i’d get this affected by michael jackson’s death. i grew up in the 80’s and was weaned on MTV and music. michael jackson and madonna were part of everybody’s childhood in the 80s. i used to wake up on sunday mornings to watch the one video show on tv, video hit parade. it showed all these western music videos – it was the most fascinating thing on tv. visuals to go with the music, how innovative! i remember every single michael jackson video and my very first cassette was thriller. i got it from the record section of unimart.

i used to get really scared whenever the video of thriller was on. very traumatic for a child to see zombies dance. i also hate the part when michael turns to his date and he turns into a werewolf. i used to also watch re-runs of the jackson 5 cartoons on tv. during the summer time spent in the states, my cousins and i would dress and dance like michael and madonna. i also remember begging my mom to watch Captain EO, MJ’s sci-fii 3D movie shown in disney theme parks in the late 80s. michael jackson was part of the cultural fabric of my generation.

while driving to the gym yesterday, i was listening to jackson 5’s “i’ll be there” and i started to cry. it felt like a part of my youth died with michael jackson. it makes you more aware of your mortality and how fleeting life is. i felt not as invincible as i was when i was 6 years old dancing to billie jean.

what makes the feeling sadder is that everybody knew michael was a tortured soul. he was abused physically, emotionally and mentally. but in his death, his musical genius and legacy are remembered. and that’s the most important thing.

and considering this was just michael jackson. i am warning you guys, if and when something happens to madonna, i will be inconsolable for at least a week. somebody needs to check up on me every hour.

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June 28th, 2009 at 8:54 am