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Trying to be cool

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As the title of this post suggests, I am trying to to be cool about this but I REALLY CAN’T.

One of my favorite bands EVER – PHOENIX is coming to Manila. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!??!


Fine, I’ve seen Phoenix twice before, first time was in Jakarta and the other time was during their set in Coachella back in 2010.

Jakarta in 2009

Coachella 2010 Day 2
Coachella 2010

Obviously, I would pay good money and travel just to see Phoenix live. They are amazing performers with their own brand of indie pop which I can only really describe as something that makes me and a lot of my dearest friends happy. PLUS, in case you weren’t sure either, I am a HUGE FAN OF SOFIA COPPOLA.

I know, aren’t we talking about Phoenix the band, Grace? WELL, Thomas Mars, the lead singer, is married to Sofia. So if it isn’t obvious, there is a (slight) possibility IDOL (like how Keri and I love to call Sofia Coppola) is coming to town.


SO Manila, you better be freakin’ ready for some chic things to do for our IDOL!

And as an aside, did you know that Sofia Coppola lived in the Philippines while her dad filmed Apocalypse now? She even knew our national anthem!

sofia coppola at 5 by divasoria

Anyways, back to Phoenix in Manila(Sorry, I like to pre-amble and be non-sequitur) – So when Barry tweeted about the band coming to Southeast Asia with gigs in Singapore and Hong Kong, we all sorta formed an “MNL Hipster” prayer brigade. I’m getting too old to travel for music and honestly, if bands like The XX or events like Wanderland get sold out, I don’t see why a band like Phoenix can’t make the numbers. Ask any major music fan of the last 10 years and I’m pretty sure they will tell you that Phoenix is a BIG deal.

With the higher being on our side, it was announced a week and a half ago that YES, Phoenix added Manila to their Asian tour. And I flipped. Well, WE ALL DID. I started screaming like a mad woman in my car! I was beside myself, I couldn’t care less that I was stuck in a horrendous traffic jam going home.

All the bad vibes just melted away – Manila has somewhat arrived in the scene. I feel like our coolness points as a destination went up ten-fold. We are the new BROOKLYN, YO. What’s next? Artisinal bacon? Homemade organic soap? Power yoga lunchbreaks? (of course, I say this with some major doses of jest, people. LOL). And thank you to at least 10 people who had messaged me via SMS, twitter and facebook about this concert. Everybody knew I was a Phoenix fan. LOL.

How do you get tickets, you ask? They started selling them last Monday via SM Tickets which by the way was the WORST ticketing system EVER. I had to panic buy mine while waiting for a major meeting and it was beyond difficult. The SM Ticket system was so archaic and slow plus the VIP section had SEATS.

(They just added that “Standing” part in VIP. WHAT THE…)

I think most of us who had planned to buy in that section thought it would be the usual free for all/standing-room only, but NOPE, you had to get a seat so that added to the process. But luckily, I was one of the few who came out unscathed and had been able to get my seats relatively quick. Yes, I was beyond ecstatic and since then, cannot stop listening to the Phoenix playlist in my music devices.


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October 19th, 2013 at 6:34 am

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sofia coppola for marni x h&m

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i’ve always said i want to be an old lady swathed in marni! i love love love MARNI! and i was beyond thrilled when i heard about the upcoming collaboration with h&m. it is the DREAM!

and when i heard they tapped sofia coppola to direct the ads? match made in chica girl heaven! i LOVE sofia coppola!

watch the ad

and the BTS interview with sofia, this is her first fashion video ever. :)

and in case you’re wondering, the song used was avalon by roxy music(btw, i LOVE roxy music.)

yep, planning a trip to the nearest h&m this march 8th.

<3 <3 <3

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February 5th, 2012 at 10:50 am

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stalking sofia

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a few years ago, i traveled to jakarta, indonesia to watch phoenix. and i was supposed to write a piece on the concert and about stalking sofia coppola. as you know, ms coppola is with thomas mars, the lead singer of phoenix. they have two kids now and live in paris.


i thought seeing phoenix in concert would be an amazing chance to stalk sofia. but fortunately for her, i didn’t get the chance. ehehehe!

sofia coppola is one of my biggest girl crushes. i think she is unconventionally beautiful and she is ridiculously stylish and has an impeccable taste and a keen eye.

here are a few of the pages she guest edited for french vogue a few years ago

other than being a muse and style icon, sofia coppola is also an award-winning writer and director for movies such as the virgin suicides, lost in translation, marie antoinette and most recently – somewhere. she is truly her father’s daughter.


but the thing that i find most fascinating about ms coppola is her decision to make quiet films – a testament to her down-to-earth beauty and lifestyle and a counterpoint to the privilege she grew up with.

and a few months ago, i found the most amazing recording of a then 5-year-old sofia being asked by her father, the great francis ford coppola, to talk to a future sofia. she was also asked to sing a song she learned during her stay in the philippines(yes, remember apocalypse now?).

sofia coppola at 5 by divasoria

so adorbs! <3

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January 11th, 2011 at 9:32 am

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