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Ex Machina

I first heard about Ex Machina while listening to Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast. As an aside, I love Culture Gabfest! It’s a great way to find out about good books, music, tv shows and movies. I find that the three hosts and I have the same taste so I tend to trust them and go with their recommendations. Ex Machina is a film the podcast greatly recommended.

Ex Machina is the new movie of writer/director Alex Garland, this film is about a robot and a tech employee assigned by his boss to conduct the Turing test on the artificial intelligence project called “Ava”.

What is the Turing test, you ask? It is a series of tests to determine whether a robot can pass for a human through conversations which in itself is a conundrum. Is a robot’s ability to speak like a human equate to a person’s intelligence? What Ex Machina delves into instead is the Turing Test’s inability to test for emotions.

Probably the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2015, Ex Machina‘s actors were superb especially Alicia Vikander who played Ava, the robot. She was graceful and fluid and cold and emotional all rolled into one. Amazing performance! I also love the look of the film – crystal clear and vibrant and modern. If you like unique, quirky and thoughtful movies, go watch Ex Machina.

Mad Men – Early Seasons

It was a moment of SEPANX – separation anxiety – from Mad Men after watching the series finale. The last episode was amazing, BTW, I loved how unexpected it was yet very natural with its pacing and conclusion. I also think the finale was satisfying and life-affirming, feelings I would have never expected from the very last show of a celebrated drama series. It then left a gaping hole in my life. To soothe my aching Mad Men missing heart, I started watching Seasons 1 through 4 and it reinforced my belief that it is one of the best shows of our time.

Silicon Valley

During the whole brouhaha that was the Game of Thrones season opener social media debacle, I decided to skip the GOT mania and go watch something from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Silicon Valley is an HBO series about a group of young millenials pursuing the millenial dream – a billion-dollar Startup. I found it funny, current, if not ironic but who knows if it’s a true depiction. I’m sure it is as realistic as “The Social Network” (BTW, the Winklevoss twins make a cameo). I like it because it’s a wake up call to all the younguns – not all tech startups end up like Facebook or Snapchat. You cannot just quit school or your job and the next thing you know, you’re a CEO of a billion-dollar company. HA! One in a billion chance, hijo.

I also found a lot of the IP(Intellectual Property) talk very educational, one can take up notes especially for future entrepreneurial projects. seriously!


I finally decided to renew my subscription to a paid VPN(Virtual Private Network) which I quit after marathoning the third season of House of Cards months ago. What is a VPN? It basically masks your connection and changes your Internet Protocal or IP as if you were in North America or Europe. This is particularly handy if you want to access Hulu, open a NetFlix account and take advantage of your Amazon Prime perks which includes this new show called Transparent.

Transparent is about this Los Angeles based Jewish family headed by Jeffrey Tambor, a political science professor Mort who decides to completely transition from a once-a-year crossdresser to a Transgender woman. Supported by a talented cast including Gaby Hoffman, Amy Landecker and Jay Duplass as Mort’s kids, they navigate their ever-changing lives in the midst of the sheen of life in LA.

Chef’s Table

if you enjoy dining and food as much as I do, you will love Netflix’s Chef’s Table. This Netflix docu-series features a single world-renowned chef on each episode and discovers their world and tries to give us a clear and magical peek into their careers and food. It is a voyeuristic view of a chef’s life punctuated by his philosophy, thoughts, background, taste and adventure. A masterpiece in each episode.

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August 17th, 2015 at 9:23 am