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The Nora Ephron Effect

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i had spent the day rifling through papers, going to endless meetings and dealing with some technology issues but there was one thing that just stuck in my head above everything else – the passing of nora ephron.

ms. ephron, through her engaging and beautiful prose, made me understand the life and intricacies of modern womanhood. i read her books and old new yorker essays since high school and i’ve felt such a deep connection with her through her work.

i may not know nora personally but i had always imagined her to be exactly like that voice in her writing – sharp, self-deprecating, funny, intelligent, sassy, engaging and unequivocally modern. she wrote about a whole variety of subjects and often unpredictable but entirely entertaining and introspective. i had read heartburn while recovering from my very worst heart break, i had gone through countless of her essays and blog entries when i felt empty and vulnerable. and after every reading, her writing had managed to always make me feel better about myself.

her movies? when harry met sally? sleepless in seattle? you’ve got mail? all in my top 20 favorite movies. her films were the ultimate romantic comedies and had the right amount of humor and romance. and they probably defined what “falling in love” meant for a lot of girls, including myself.

most people would think that “when harry met sally” was the quintessential ephron movie that practically moved a generation of women to be adventurous and honest but i loved sleepless in seattle and secretly reveled in it. it was romantic and giddy and magical. who wouldn’t want to meet the man of your dreams while getting out of a cab, or by just listening to a radio show or…through the internet. at the end of the day, we all just want to fall in love just like in nora ephron movies.

whether it was in her movies or in her writing, ms. ephron’s candor and cadence have moved legions of women to accept things with humor and fearlessness and to enjoy life. all throughout the day, thousands of nora ephron quotes were shared over the internet and i couldn’t even pick one favorite. she has left us with a multitude of words to live by and images to aspire for.

i spent some of my free time re-reading the NYT obit and the comments were all so touching but nothing more as touching as this:

“Never thought you (Nora Ephron) could make me feel bad until today”


like many, i feel like i lost somebody special today. you were everybody’s friend, confidante and inspiration. godspeed, nora.

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June 27th, 2012 at 10:16 pm

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