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ZOMG! whitney port of MTV’s the city replied to my tweet. i DIED! i love her! :)

truth: I LOVE THE CITY! it’s this ridiculously unrealistic reality show on MTV about whitney port, a fashion PR intern and her friends as they live the life in the NYC. it’s so shallow and ridic that my mom rolls her eyes as i wait with baited breath for every episode. i dunno, it’s addicting coz whitney is just so doe-eyed and sweet and olivia is just such a BITCH. and i lived in NYC when i was their age, so it’s fun to kind of see the city in their eyes.

anyway, i saw whitney at coachella and i could not move. i was so starstruck and i ONLY had the guts to take a photo of her hair and text cecile 😀

Coachella 2010  Day 2

i also saw her friend erin at chanel along robertson, i was shaking and tried to talk myself into “acting normal”. again, i only had enough sanity to text cecile. heehee.

Los Angeles 2010
yes, this is me in chanel trying to take a photo of erin but was unsuccessful, so i just took a photo of the mannequin!

and since i’ve started purging the celebrities i follow on twitter, i’ve left only a handful and that list included whitney because i seriously think she’s the sweetest. and we kind of share the same musical taste and an odd attraction to dirty boys. hahaha! and i know i sound like a crazy fan girl but i always send her tweets telling her how much i love her 😛

but TODAY was special, she responded to the dumbest tweet, i was just asking where i can get a boxed set of the city’s season 2. i was expecting answers like metrowalk or makati cinema square but i got a reply from whitney herself. and that made me so happy!!!

<3 whitney!!!

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June 23rd, 2010 at 2:39 pm

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it’s bananas.

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the city season 2 trailer. ZOMG. i die.

i <3 the city. it hurts.

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September 6th, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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OMG!!! the MTV website has full episodes of the City. this is all over. i am about to pee in my pants in excitement!! YAY!!!!

the show is redunk beyond belief. like how stupid is this whole “downtown hipster” versus “uptown social” crap? and in which universe does a 20-something who doesn’t have a finance/consulting job rent a one-bedroom in a luxury building in gramercy with NO ROOMMATE(this excludes heiresses and trust funders ha). and does whitney actually WORK? and OMG, don’t make me start with olivia palermo. she is un-freakin’-believable, i mean after her whole socialite rank debacle of 2007, one would think she’d be on the DL since being publicly humiliated by the tinsley herself. but noooo. she gets a “job” at DVF and a “reality show”. and in episode 2, when whitney and olivia went to the manolo event and olivia goes on to tell whitney that manolo was a family friend..omg, notice that manolo hardly recognizes her. HAHAHAHA! LOVES ITTTTT!!!!

this ‘reality show’ is a far cry from the angst-sy “issues”-laden mother of all reality shows the real world. i spent most of my teenage free time watching the real world, and i miss it. my favorites were miami and seattle. san francisco was kind of annoying because of the whole puck deal. but anyway, mtv reality shows nowadays are just so perfectly set-up with glowing photos and life is filled with pretty dresses and fantastic parties. it’s just too surreal. and all the more addicting.

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January 10th, 2009 at 5:57 pm

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