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mad men is LOVE

mad men has kind of gotten me obsessed. i know it because i don’t really like downloading through torrents, but i do now. all because of mad men! i know, it seems like an odd show to be hooked on especially you and i know how much i’m into trashy tv crap – gossip girl, the city, real housewives of NY/OC/NJ/Atlanta. yes, despite those shows, i do have a soft spot for intelligent comedies and dramas. and mad men is arguably the best show out there right now.


mad men is a show for people who are history and pop culture junkies. i don’t need to tell you what it’s about but here it is in a nutshell- early 60s advertising executives grappling the cultural and political upheaval of that era. but what really sets the show apart is its realistic portrayal of societal norms. it depicts men as chauvinists and alcoholics, women as objects and housewives. but interwoven are emotional ticks and internal insecurities bubbling up in nuanced plotlines cleverly stitched together by the sopranos-veteran writer matthew wiener(no wonder, i LOVED the sopranos.)


apart from the writing, mad men’s art direction and production design are simply spot-on. from period outfits to high ball cocktails to cultural turning points, it’s like you were transported to the early 60s! even my mom thinks the show is pretty accurate as she lived through that era. in fact, watching mad men reminds me of old family photos.

my grandfathers

and the maraschino cherry on top of the awesome cocktail? don draper.


just looking at him gives me a headache! jon hamm plays the erstwhile leading man of mad men, don draper. he is this studly early 60s caricature of a man but beneath that suave and gorgeous veneer is a man filled with genius, pain and baggage. with all his issues and abusive ways, he is just this enigmatic fallen angel. i DIE EVERY TIME!


so hot!!!! and after 4 months, i just realized that cedric and i actually saw him at the rite aid on sunset. we were getting itunes gift cards for cecile and just basically looking for stash at rite aid when cedric nudged me and asked “bababaan mo?” – it’s his way of asking if i thought that guy was hot. the guy was tall, broad shouldered with a full beard and wearing a newsboy hat and sweats. but underneath all that sexy scruff was a finely chiseled face. and i was like “NAMAN!”. so we kind of followed him around the store like a lost puppy not knowing who he was.


after having a marathon mad men viewing and seeing photos of jon hamm with a full beard, i am convinced(and so was cedric) that the rite aid guy was indeed JON HAMM. <3

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