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Random Discoveries

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a few random food discoveries.


i don’t really know what it is, i just know it has vodka and is a perfect drink during a hot and humid evening. it’s mamou’s velodka

Salted caramel shake

i have read about a salted caramel milkshake and i’ve always been curious! thankfully, charlie’s has it in their menu. i shared a glass with my friend L the other weekend and it was SO GOOD. deathly unhealthy but who cares! life is too short. plus you can always workout. HA!

Half baked cookie dough

this is called half baked madagascar, mad mark’s version of the cookie dough. it’s homemade ice cream and only 68 pesos per scoop! (giant scoop). mad mark’s is along east kapitolyo drive, a few doors down from poco deli.

Buko pandan juice

pampanga’s favorite buko pandan salad and puto pao purveyor nathaniel’s has this buko pandan juice. refreshing and healthy!

Chez Karine

just having read this at DCF, i dropped by right after plana forma class this morning. chez karine(karen yang is pierre herme-trained) is cute, clean and classy. the macarons? pretty good. favorites were the passion fruit and earl grey. salted caramel was not bad either!

Chicken ala kiev

and rediscovery? that chicken ala kiev from cafe adriatico in malate. thanks to carlos celdran for the heads up. that place is a gem!

always hits the spot

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whenever my friends and i are left clueless on where to dine next, we almost always end up going to mamou especially now that they’ve opened an outpost at the power plant mall in rockwell. i think what makes mamou our go-to place is the fact that if you stick with your favorites, it’s consistently satisfying PLUS(and this, IMHO, is very important) the atmosphere is not uptight – you can come in your jeans and sneakers and still expect a very good meal.

mamou describes itself as a home kitchen and serves the food that could be straight from your own mom’s or lola’s house in the older part of town – say the leafy side streets of quezon city. it is simply comfort food.

Mamou Rockwell

as i said, if you stick with favorites, a meal at mamou is always a slam dunk. we typically start with the fuet, a slice spanish pork sausage and some cheese(i think it’s manchego) served with honey. on a recent trip, i did notice the plate(and actual serving) was smaller. inflation? BOO. but still good, don’t worry.

Mamou Rockwell

we were a little adventurous and ordered the soft shell crab since we were on a “diet”(who are we kidding ha!). the salad itself was nothing to rave about but i was a litte disappointed with the soft shell crab. it wasn’t crispy nor succulent.

Mamou Rockwell

another staple is lorenzo’s pasta – truffle cream and cheese. it’s very basic but what mamou really gets right is the perfect “al dente” pasta.

but who goes to mamou without ordering the “pièce de résistance” – their steak!

Mamou Rockwell

the steak at mamou is a little bit of a tribute to brooklyn’s peter luger. the meat, although not melt-in-your-mouth tender, is clearly a favorite in the whole of metro because of its homey, down-to-earth goodness.

Mamou Rockwell

mamou’s steak comes sliced and swimming in its own juice. and what everyone likes the most about it is the perfectly toasted fat in clarified butter and some sea salt – crunchy, tastey and YUM.

Mamou Rockwell

and before i forget, you get to choose two sidings with the steak and lemme tell ya, you MUST order the white rice fried in the steak fat. it is mindblowing! well worth the hours at plana forma and lipitor prescription!!!

Mamou Rockwell

and leave room for their key lime pie. it has the right amount of sour+sweet goodness and scrumptious graham cracker crust, you can even ignore the whipped cream that comes with it. it’s already perfect as it is.

Mamou Rockwell
L R1 148A, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Lopez Drive (beside Kuretake)
(63 2) 822-6218, (63 917) 806-2668

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