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it’s the economy, stupid.

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i’ve been following this whole jim cramer vs. jon stewart schtick this past week. first off, i dont like jim cramer and the whole concept of CNBC. although i have to say, I LOVE bernie lo formerly of CNBC asia and now bloomberg asia. bernie is kind of my first love.

but i digress. CNBC is part of the problem the global financial market is in this deep hole. know-it-alls who encourage people to invest in companies and products that are just pure BS with amazing creative accounting and financial engineering. i know, this is coming from a banker. i, for one, am overtly risk averse. whenever people ask me what or where to invest, i say “do not trust your private banker, do your own research”. i’ve always believed in peter lynch‘s method of investing – invest in what you know and in what you believe in. like say, i believe in chanel – i love its history, i love its clothes, i love what it stands for. therefore, i will buy as many chanel products i can afford. one has to believe in a company or a brand before one owns or becomes part of it. i don’t want to be connected with something i don’t like. it’s as basic as that.

that said, what i hate about jim cramer is his bullshit of blaming all of this to obama and calling obama a bolshevik? wtf. this economic meltdown is based on greed and wanting more and more and more and not knowing when to stop. and that greed starts from you and me.

in other news, i was listening to this american life and i think the podcast was entitled “the new boss” and it had this one act talking about john maynard keynes and keynesian economics. although i am primarily of the keynesian school of thought, some anti keynes economists did mention a pretty basic premise – a recession is the solution, it is not an ailment that needs a cure. recessions lower overpriced goods to its more natural state, like letting off steam in an overheated machine. actually, makes sense if you really think about it.

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March 14th, 2009 at 12:03 am

i love these men!!!

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now, this one is FUNNY.

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September 25th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

jon stewart

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i know i love me some george clooney and jfk jr but jon stewart just does it for me nowadays. smart, funny, acerbic and cute, in a jewish kind of way. he is the thinking woman’s wet dream! oh fantasies of talking about the good and bad points of offshore drilling while drinking a bone dry espresso in a cafe by the west village.

definitely one of the reasons i cannot wait to get to new york

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August 19th, 2008 at 6:56 am