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The Young Guns

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I’ve always had a thing for older guys – mature, mysterious, confident and seemingly smart.

Case in point?


My top 2 homeboys are George Clooney and JFK Jr. My obsession with the latter has been well-documented in this blog and he’s 18 years older than me, too. Let’s add to the mix that hot dude reading(In case you have never heard of “hot dudes reading” – check out Chuvaness’ post about it.) – I don’t know who he is but he looks like a MAN who is mature, well-read(HA!), cultured and look at that coat – it’s not too stylish and has the right amount of chic. My heart skips a beat and my ovaries quiver every time I see his photo.

But let’s not forget, my ultimate “lolo” crush of all time – the late great Paul Newman. SIGH.

Paul Newman

That said, the last few months I’ve found myself checking out younger guys. Not sure how this all started, maybe my Spain vacation opened my eyes to millenial hotties, but I hate to admit this but younger guys, especially those in their 20s are something else.

Here are a few of my favorite “cougar” preys:

1. The Real Madrid Team

Real Madrid

Save for Iker Casillas and maybe Alvaro Arbeloa, all of the guys in the Real Madrid football team are in their 20s and if that photo from last Christmas’ holiday dinner doesn’t prove to you that RM is a team filled with very attractive and strapping young men(sorry, if you’re looking for Cristiano Ronaldo – he’s not my type. LOL). In native parlance, walang sayang(maybe the left-most guy needs a major beard trim!!)

2. The Warwick Rowers

Warwick Rowers

Hat-tip to my friend Ross for introducing me to the Warwick Rowers. This is, admittedly, not their best photo but this is the most decent one I can find on the internet! FYI – these guys are part of the rowing team of the University of Warwick. Back two or three years ago, they needed to fund their varsity program and they thought of selling calendars. The catch? They’re all in their birthday suits but done ever so tastefully and since then, they’ve raised over GBP 200K!! They’ve produced Olympic rowers and also caused insanity amongst the female and gay population. I wish I could show you one of their behind-the-scenes videos because it is AMAZING(it’s quite NSFW – so let me know if you want me to send the link. LOL!)


I know, seriously? YES I’M SERIOUS.

And honestly? I went back to blogging because I could not stop talking about Zayn Malik to my friends the past 3 weeks(has it just been 3 weeks?!??!) and it has come to a point that I think they’re getting sick of it. So my way of dealing with it? I need to blog about ZAYN.


Like the rest of the girls my age, I’ve only heard of One Direction from my friends’ daughters and nieces. I personally know them only as a group and only knew one guy – Harry Styles just because he dated T-Swizzle(that’s Taylor Swift ;). And that photo above was taken as a joke a few years ago.

But now? Oh Zaynnnnnnn!!! #zayncomeback

This all started when all that tween/teen panic happened as Zayn Malik quit One Direction. So many people posted about young girls in shock and anguish because of Zayn leaving. Girls sobbing in class, girls screaming and girls on the verge of suicide – WTF.

What is a “tita” to do but to google what the hell these “bagets” were going crazy over?



ZAYN MALIK, YOU ARE PERFECT. His brooding and mysterious eyes, pouty kissable lips and sexy facial hair did me in. I ended up googling him and one direction TO DEATH. I know, he’s 22 and he’s engaged to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix(#zerrie) but WHO CARES.


Yes, Zayn, that’s exactly how I feel whenever I search you in google image. I KEED. But seriously, this boy is so HOT. No wonder girls were going crazy?!?!?! #cutforzayn


And my trip to One Direction land also made me understand millenial trends – like those undercut ponytails and headbands


Sorry guys, but this only looks good on Zayn. *sigh* #zayniloveyou

I normally wouldn’t find this type of hot mess attractive but even in hairstyles reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s character in Cry Baby which, BTW, is a movie OLDER THAN ZAYN……


He can do no wrong! Even with is recent buzz cut. ZAYNNNNNNN!!!!


And Zayn boy isn’t just a beautiful face, he’s also the best singer in 1D. Who’s going to hit the high notes NOW?!?! (I heard the song below while walking around S&R the other day and I started to sing along. It’s THAT bad but I have to say the album FOUR is pretty good as far as pop albums go)

Anyway, I’m also glad I’m no longer a teen because the interwebz is a place that encourages fan girl hysteria. like this. 😀 p.s. I also NOW get why girls go crazy over Harry, too – he has appeal but he’s not my type. HAHA!

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April 20th, 2015 at 7:52 am

emotional masochism and girl power.

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one of the things i like to do, before all the hoopla of 27 dresses or sex and the city came about, is to read the NYtime’s vows section. to quote SATC, it is the woman’s sports pages.

when i was in my early 20s, the vows section gave me so much hope. it made me believe in fairy tales – wonderful, educated and rich husband and beautiful weddings in vera wang. it was short of an inspiration, aspiration. now that i’m a day shy of turning 30, the vows section is what i call now my emotional masochism.

i’m not going to deny that reading the vows section as i got older has become painful. pretty fucking painful. reading about a nubile 24 year old marrying her ultra rich and smart and sweet hedge fund manager makes me sick to my stomach. but yet, sunday after sunday, i sit down in front of my computer and read story after story of all couples featured. most are short of nauseating but there are, of course, a few gems that make me believe in love, and this week’s gem is ellen fein‘s vows front pager.

ellen fein is one of the co-author’s of the great book, the rules. it’s a silly book that holds its main premise as “trusting the natural order of things, the man pursues the woman”. and honey, lemme tell ya, if there is one rule you must follow, it is THIS RULE.

yah yah, this coming from the queen of woman empowerment. i’ve always believed in taking life at its balls. ball-sy people, especially women, rule. but when it comes to love, i’ve learned to play hard to get. not that i was ever the sexually aggressive type, but you know how girls can get. girls get crazy and whiney and needy and lovestoned. and yes, i can get that way. so when i turned 29, i’ve taken the path of playing hard to get and act like i don’t need men. yes, go buy your balenciagas and manolos and chanels with your OWN MONEY. go have your 200-dollar per head dinners with your gaggle of gay men. who needs straight men anyway? go work out at the gym like crazy even over valentine’s day and hire a personal trainer. make yourself as hot as you possibly can, not for a man but for yourself!

did my take no prisoners style work? well not exactly, i am still single and wandering.but hey, this past 12 months have been a journey of self discovery,re-establishing my self worth and reaching my potential. believe me, no woman will ever feel like she is the best. even the most self confident woman knows she could do better or wished she could be better.

but yes, ellen fein’s story about her second shot at love is fascinating, to say the least. sure, it makes me still wish i’d meet a jfk jr type and be swept off my feet in a beautiful narciso rodriguez gown. but it also made me believe that the true power of a woman is in being a woman. period. and there is no glass ceiling to crack for this one.

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August 11th, 2008 at 9:40 am