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Mixtape 03192011

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i thought this week would be a killer but since the national canceled their concert, i decided to skip the 24-hour singapore swing and stay in town. that pretty much cleared my week. hehehe. and i found some down time at home and i decided to do a mixtape. here’s what i came up with:


it’s a mix of old songs from the 90s and some very new ones like the one from the national which was just released last thursday. like i said on facebook, i was pretty much bummed and it was very hard to listen to any the national song this week but when i heard their new song with sharon van etten for the movie “win win“, i dropped my tampo. it was beautiful! i also just discovered adele and fell in love with her new album “21”. and the rest of the songs pretty much explain itself.

to download, please go here.

thanks for all the sweet words regarding the mixtapes. so happy to share good music to a wider audience. i feel sad some people are just relegated to what’s on the radio or popular when there’s a plethora of amazing artists out there. music is a gift!

Written by divasoria

March 19th, 2011 at 9:10 am