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congratulations to one of my favorite bands, franco, for winning this year’s artist of the year, album of the year, song of the year and listener’s choice in the last NU rock awards. such a bittersweet moment for everyone present last friday night.

in honor of the band, here’s my franco interview published in june 2010.


When musicians from established rock acts get together and form a band, we automatically relegate them to the “side project” category, likened to a whim or an experiment.

Then comes Franco bursting into the local scene with a fresh sound and seemingly lasting appeal.

Franco is composed of Gabby Alipe and Jan-Jan Mendoza of Urbandub, Buwi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar, Paolo “8” Toleran of Queso and Franco Reyes of Inyo.

In just over a year they’ve been called a “superband” by critics and fans alike. Live performances at different venues have converted non-believers to instant fans.

One rainy Friday afternoon On The Radar sat down with the band to find out what they’re up to.

ON THE RADAR: How did you guys get together? I read somewhere you just jammed one day.

Paolo “8” Toleran: We’ve been friends for 12 years and hanging out all the time. Buwi, Jan-jan and I always talked about getting together but we never had time. So finally when we did, we came up with songs but needed somebody to sing. Jan-jan thought of Franco but we hadn’t heard him sing until we listened to his demo from way back. After that, we wanted to look for him.

Oh, so Franco (Reyes) just came into the picture fairly recently?

8: Gabby and Jan-jan knew Franco from way back in Cebu but I’ve known him for three years.

Since you guys are from different bands, is it hard to get together at the same time? What happens if Urbandub or Parokya has a gig? I remember a few weekends ago, Urbandub played at Mag:Net and Franco was also playing at Al’s bar in Paranaque the same night.

Gabby Alipe: We try to fix our schedules with our management— Sonicboom for Urbandub and Backbeat for both Franco and Parokya. They’ve been working really hard just to make sure our schedules don’t clash. So far it’s been good, but it gets really tiring like that gig you were talking about, going back and forth.

How do you describe the kind of music Franco plays?

Franco: Rock mixed with reggae, mixed with everything, different genres.

for the rest of the interview, please visit this link and here’s the link to the most awesome photos by nina sandejas. :)


all photos courtesy of the talented miss nina sandejas of rosarioko.com.

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November 1st, 2010 at 10:04 am

the moment

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i think by now you know how much i love music. when i was in high school, apart from saving money fo CDs, i also saved for copies of spin and rolling stone magazine. i used to collect them i even would spend a good amount on reproducing covers on colored photocopy to hang as posters in my room! i just wanted to lap it all up and it’s actually funny when some of my guy friends would quiz me about pearl jam and soundgarden trivia and they’re shocked that i know so much. trust me, i am a retainer of useless information.

that said, it was my dream to write about music and eventually, interview my favorite band. and guess what, i just did that! i interviewed FRANCO!

i’ve been thinking about interviewing them for a few months now and i always got sidetracked with life. i’m so lucky to know a few people who can help me with this. so one rainy friday afternoon, i sat down with the band and i even got THE BEST music photographer in the philippines! (that’s NINA SANDEJAS).

i know, my friends find it hilarious. i’m like “reporter mode on”. trying to tap into the inner cameron crowe/rolling stone rock journalist in me.

band aid
so LUCKY! to get nina :) and guess who was her PA? the legendary francis “brew” reyes. can we say, ROCK GOD!

they were really such nice guys! the interview went by so quickly and at the end of it, they were like “we’re done? no way”.

and of course, the mandatory photo with them. i'm such a happy camper!!! <3

but before we end this, i cannot tell you how much i appreciated nina sandejas saying yes to this. she is truly an amazing rock photographer. i am so lucky to get her :) THANK YOU, NINA!

and this one is for the album cover 😉



so here’s the link to the interview and here’s the link to the most awesome photos by nina sandejas. :)

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June 13th, 2010 at 7:36 am

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music is a gift

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A lot of friends ask me for music recommendations and I think that’s funny coz I really have this weird range in my iPod – adina howard next to air, anyone?

But since you’ve asked, here are a number of releases I’ve found myself listening to for the past 5 months.

For your consideration:


1. Florence and the Machine – Lungs

The first time I’ve ever heard of FATM was on one of Wysgal’s amazing playlists. I’ve always had this “attraction” towards strong female performers– Madonna, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks are favorites – and FATM’s Florence Welch is on her way to being a legend herself. FATM’s music is bluesy, powerful and whimsical. My favorites from their debut album “Lungs” are Howl, Cosmic Love and My boy builds coffins.


2. Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Brits Hot Chip’s music is mainly synth-laced electronica of the grand tradition of new order and the eurythmics. You could probably expect an above-average dance music playlist but Hot Chip delivers an amalgamation of house, new wave to samba partnered with lyrics which are analytic and introspective


3. Sleigh Bells – Treats

As of late 2009, Sleigh bells was considered the most hyped up act with no record deal! Kudos to their amazing PR machine lead by Coachella’s Bill Fold, it was so hard to get a hold of Sleigh Bells’ music that one can only feel the anticipation as Pitchfork and NPR’s all song’s waited with baited breath for their debut album Treats. And I’m glad that they’ve lived up to the hype! Treats is an audio explosion of electronica, garage rock and punk. The music is so loud and amped but there really is some method in this madness – non-abrasive beats that just call out for some dancing!


4. The National – High Violet

I honestly hate looking through torrents for stuff, whether they are movies or music. So I rely on my friends to download and check it out first or I buy itunes gift cards whenever I’m in the US. I’m just very impatient and love the convenience that a couple of extra bucks give you. Anyway, compared to Boxer, High violet took me a while to love. On the third listen, I decided it was truly worth my 9.99 itunes credits. Their music is getting broodier and more introspective but not necessarily depressing nor heavy.


5. Franco – Franco

MDJ asked me the other day if Franco weren’t cute, would I still listen to them? As you recall, I was initially attracted to this band because of lead singer Franco Reyes’ dirty-sexy rock star ways. But hotness can only go so far you know. That said, I would still listen to Franco even if they were as ugly as the barenaked ladies. Haha! Franco’s music is power rock/grunge meets reggae producing a surprisingly clean aural experience. And they’re so good live, so awesome they play a sick acoustic set!

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May 19th, 2010 at 11:30 am

regression analysis

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so i was working out at the gym and the tv was on myx. i don’t usually keep tabs on new local bands, particularly heavier sounding ones. but super band franco just caught my eye. este ears. AHAHAHA!

made up of musicians from parokya, urbandub(one of my faves!), queso and inyo, franco is dubbed the newest superband to hit the country. their music reminds me of early 90s grunge particularly alice in chains, and soundgarden, bands i used to be into in high school. but other than the music, lead singer franco reyes really caught my eye. I KNOW. dirrty rocker boys have a special place in my heart. HAHA!

incidentally, franco reyes is just one of the guys i find “cute” lately as i’ve been in this “facial hair” phase. i’ve developed a crush on both jason reitman and mark boal. in FACT, i had a dream last night that i was going out with jason reitman and i cheated on him with mark boal. they kind of look alike. HILARIOUS!

which leads me to my mom’s belief that i’ve regressed back to this squealing, music-loving high school girl. i sorta am. but i don’t need to climb our house gates to go to dredd, or mayric’s. and i don’t have to beg my parents to get me lollapalooza tickets now. ahahaha!

so who wants to go with me to saguijo next thursday? 😀

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March 19th, 2010 at 10:56 pm

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