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Livin’ La Vida Imelda

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Livin la vida Imelda #carlosceldran #imeldamarcos #iphoneonly #iphoneasia #instagram #igersmanila

i finally got to see the run of “livin la vida imelda” by carlos celdran at the silverlens gallery last saturday. it was their last two performances, so thankful i got to catch it.

for those unfamiliar with carlos celdran’s work, he organizes several tours around the country’s historical sites peppered with history, laughter and reality. whenever i have people from abroad coming into town, i always recommend carlos’ tours and it’s a hit all the time.

for livin la vida imelda, carlos typically brings his group around imelda’s “crown jewels” – the cultural center of the philippines and the surrounding monoliths.

this run at the silverlens has the structures done in vignettes made out of black masking type.

coconut palace

Livin la vida Imelda #carlosceldran #imeldamarcos #philippines #instagram #iphoneasia #iphoneonly
cultural center of the philippines

he also added more performance elements into the mix with a full cast of characters.

Livin la vida Imelda #carlosceldran #imeldamarcos #philippines #iphoneonly #iphoneasia #instagram #igersmanila

Livin la vida Imelda #carlosceldran #imeldamarcos #igersmanila #instagram #iphoneasia #iphoneonly


i was born in the late 70s and i have vague memories of the marcos era so the stories told were myths in my mind. i’ve always heard and read about them, mostly from family gatherings recalling the time. but to actually see and hear the stories come to life gives you a big dose of reality. some stories were hilarious, but some hits you right in the gut.

Cute shirt. Livin la vida Imelda #carlosceldran #imeldamarcos #igersmanila #iphoneonly #iphoneasia #instagram

the show was about two and half hours with a short intermission in the middle. there were stands selling snacks and some t-shirts/memorabilia.

Carlos Celdran #iphoneonly #iphoneasia #instagram

i wish i had blogged about this earlier so you guys could catch it, but do try to join one of carlos’ tours as they are not only educational but fun, engaging and thought-provoking, something every progressive filipino should experience.

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March 12th, 2012 at 5:58 am