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i have to admit something, i often develop girl crushes. girl crushes are basically women you admire because they’re cool, smart and amazingly beautiful. well, i see it as developing a crush on somebody you wish you were.

i kind of know when i have a girl crush, i basically obsess over her. i google endlessly, i search facebook for any trace of her social networking existence. it pretty much sounds like how i would treat a man crush but without the sexual tone and desire.

i can name 4 girl crushes on the top of my head –
i have had a crush on carla bruni since i was in high school. see, noee and i used to obsess over fashion and supermodels during the 1990s. 15 or so years ago, carla bruni was one of THE supermodels but of much less notoriety unlike claudia schiffer, cindy crawford, christy turlington, linda evangelista, etc. i think the foremost thing that made me “fall” for carla bruni is her “taray” look. she always looked like she was going to bite off your head and she seems so snotty. and now that she’s france’s first lady, i’m sorry but she rocks. love her!


ever since i saw carine roitfeld in vogue in the late 90s, i was completely hooked. she may have simian looks but she is completely and utterly the best dressed woman on the face of this earth. i absolutely adore her sense of style – she is sexy, feisty and strong – and she’s not afraid to be a little messy. whenever i feel down and ugly and dowdy(like today), i would usually browse through her pictures and get inspired by her beautiful clothes. haaay. i really wish i had her closet. hers is to-die-for.


zani gugelmann is a fairly recently developed girl crush, no thanks to her constant partying and schmoozing seen in new york social diary, socialite rank and the great park avenue peerage – all sites are my dirty little secret obsession – don’t laugh! i know a ton of people obsessive over the new york socialite set, who are frankly more interesting than hollywood starlets, IMHO. what i like about zani is her relaxed style. she seldom has her hair overly coiffed nor her face overly botoxed/made up. i also love her clothes! unlike fabiola beracasa or tinsley mortimer or lauren davis. and yes, i am guilty of staying home on a saturday afternoon just to watch E! true hollywood story socialites. LOL.


ellen degeners! doesn’t exactly need any introduction nor supporting links to know who she is. i love her because she is an awesome host – funny and light. and i just love that she is now the queen of daytime talk shows, dethroning the great oprah. i mean honestly, i can only take so much of heartwarming bullcrap that oprah dishes out every day. ellen is a ray of sunshine, loves to dance and laugh. she seems like she’s really fun to be with, too.

Written by divasoria

July 29th, 2008 at 10:19 am