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Glossy ver. 2015 – It Takes A Village

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So let’s get right to it – here is my most recently updated “glossy”

I know most girls will understand, I have an armada of beauty products in my bathroom and dresser. I use different products depending on my moods or depending on what my skin or hair needs for that particular moment.

Skin prep

Bath/Shower time for me consists of shower cream or gel – my ultimate favorite is Dr.Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap. I heard they were available locally at Healthy Options before but I buy mine in bulk in the States, either at Whole Foods or Costco. The minty smell wakes me up in the morning and tingly feeling is very refreshing. I also use this when I want to feel really squeaky clean. If I’m in the mood for something more moisturizing I grab Palmolive Naturals’ Milk and Honey Soft Moisture body wash(I super love the scent!) or Delon’s Olive Body Wash. They’re both available locally and very affordable, too(S&R is having a buy one take one for the Delon body washes right now!)

I have since colored hair and I’m kind of obsessed with keeping it moisturized so I’ve been using Klorane’s Pomegranate color-safe shampoo. I buy this at Guardian or Manning’s in SG/HK(they were on sale for SG$ 28 for 2 bottles!! amazing!!). On other days, I still use Dove hair products as well as Zenutrient’s wonderful Argan Oil x Chamomile line – local and organic and it works!

My favorite hair care discovery of the past 5 years has got to be Dry Shampoo. I have oily, fine Asian Hair and I almost always need to shampoo my hair every day which is such a big No-no! But thanks to Dry Shampoos, I can go on a day or two without washi

As I’ve mentioned on IG, my most favorite hair care discovery of the past 5 years has got to be dry shampoo. I have oily, fine asian hair and I almost always need to shampoo my hair everyday and that’s just going to fry your hair. So whenever I see dry shampoo either in Sephora or some other drug store abroad, I have to get it. And believe me, I’ve tried so many brands but Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat milk is my FAVORITE. The smell is pretty good and it doesn’t leave your hair wire-y plus it’s not that expensive(as compared to the likes of Oscar Blandi or Living Proof). I hoard these whenever I see them at drugstores abroad!! It is so worth lugging 4-5 cans per trip. BELIEVE ME.

Skin prep

For skin/facial care, I am still an ardent Clarisonic user. I use a variety of face cleansers – Beauty Formula‘s Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash(For breakouts or PMS-ing skin), Fresh’s Soy Facial Cleanser(For times I feel like my skin needs some gentle care) and Aesop’s Amazing Facial Cleanser(For times my skin needs a refresher). For toning, I still reach out for Bioderma’s Sebium H20. I use Neutragena’s Oil-free Moisturizer for Combination skin in the daytime while I combine Dior’s One Essential Serum and Aesop’s Oil-free Hydrating Serum at night.

Skin prep

For skin prepping, I’ve discovered a wonderful pre and post make up mist from Korean brand Innisfree(I know, the brand name!! LOLs!) and it’s called Mineral Glow Fixer Mist. Whatever it is, I love it. I spritz a little before putting on primer. Speaking of primers, I used to not care about primers but they’re amazing products. Primers smooth out imperfections like wrinkles and fine lines(I KNOW.) and also helps your foundation and other make up products adhere to your skin. I love Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer Protect which has SPF 30 sunscreen because I love dual purpose products. My new go-to foundation though is LM’s water-based Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide foundation. It is very light and you only need a few drops for light to medium coverage. It is also buildable at times when you need to cover up blemishes. After foundation, I dab a little bit of Burberry beauty’s Fresh Glow under my eyes and high plains so can look…fresh 😛 It’s also nakaka bagets(girls in my demographic will love this!)

Skin prep

A few more things to keep that “youthful” glow are MAC’s Lustre Drops, Benefit’s Watts Up and Armani’s Fluid Sheer. You put these on the high plains of your face – cheek bones, nose, chin, etc.

And not sure why I added these in this group but I love Vaseline’s Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant lotion – it’s best for people who hate sticky and thick body lotion. I also like the slight lip moisture of EOS lipbalms(love the packaging too!)

Skin prep

I’ve started to put more effort in doing my eyes every day for work. It helps in making me look more like a serious adult, I guess. LOL.

Brows – I wasn’t into filling in my brows because I thought I looked like a tranny but when I discovered Happy Skin’s Eye Love View Eyebrow duo pencil, I was kind of hooked. It has a very fine pen at one end and a slight crayon on the other. And since I’ve dyed my hair several shades lighter than my natural color (and I’m scared shitless of coloring my brows as well), I went looking for a chocolate ash eyebrow pencil and the best one I’ve found so far is Dolly Wink’s! I also love my Nichido eyebrow gel – it’s cheap and it works. 😀

Lashes – I have virtually none so I don’t really bother – but I am loyal to my Chanel curlash(because it’s horribly chic) and Armani’s eyes to kill mascara whenever I decide to focus on my lashes.

Eyeliner – I just discovered this but I used to use just a cheap Nichido taupe eyeliner but after reading something online on the best products as reviewed by an actual Sephora sales person, she swore by Marc Jacob’s Highliner gel eyeliner. I was a bit skeptical and then I was like schlepping around Sephora and decided to try it out, it is THE BEST. Stop whatever you’re doing and get this EYELINER – unbelievably intense color, this eyeliner doesn’t tug and glides on smoothly. It is like a gel eyeliner in pencil form and it’s waterproof and it’s always the right amount of sharpness. My favorite product RIGHT NOW.

Eye shadows – I’m a sucker for NAKED eye palettes. My initial favorite was Naked 2, it was just really my kind of colors and it’s easy to use plus it’s so worth the price. I decided to purchase the Naked Basics 2 to lug around in my every day kikay kit which is good for touch ups. The first time I saw Naked 3 online I wasn’t that impressed as the palette is mostly rose-toned and again, schlepping around Sephora makes you buy things and N3 is now my favorite – the rose tones aren’t too intense and you can build a nice day time look, while the darker colors in the spectrum allow for a dramatic night time eye. Very versatile! The Armani Eyes to Kill quad is also a nice compact to bring with you in your bag as it has range and depth as well.

Skin prep

Lips – Unlike the intense reds I used to favor, I’ve shifted into a more nude/old rose/taupe range the past 12 months. I’ve been traveling a lot for work and I can’t just bring all my lipstick stack so I choose colors that I can use for business meetings as well as post-work cocktails/dinner. So my current go-to is the classic Armani lipstick in 502 while depending on my moods or occasions, I like to use Tom Ford’s Indian Rose, Armani’s Rouge Ecstacy in 575, Burberry beauty’s Rosewood, Shiseido’s PK 302. For nights out, I like those Armani Lip lacquers – intense color and not too shiny. If I want sheen, I dab Fresh’s Sugar Honey.

Skin prep

Nails – Like a true tita, I am now more into neutrals and my new favorite is Dior’s Incognito. Lovely nude/pink which is a tad lighter than Chanel’s Rose Confidentiel. Perfect! I also still favor a few colors from Chanel like Tendresse, Frenzy and Secret. If I want a darker color, Jin Soon’s greyish blue is pretty and Chanel’s Taboo is a shiny version of the classic Rouge Noir. Of course, Seche Vite is the best top coat. BAR NONE.


Fragrance – I like ro mix and match scents as well and these are in my current mix – Francis Kurkdjian’s Amyris Femme(I use this sparingly because it was a gift and a little on the expensive side – only for special occasions! LOL), Agua De Colonia de los Reales Sitios de Espana(If the name doesn’t say it all – it’s classic spanish-style cologne. I got this from the shop at the Palacio Real in Madrid), Le Labo’s Fleur d’Oranger(a little splurge gift to self – fancy but goes a long way!) and Fresh’ Hesperides (citrus-y but not too sweet, lovely during the summer heat!)


I LOVE samples! They’re the best way to try out things you wouldn’t normally purchase because you’re either too cheap or can’t figure out if it really works. It’s also good to use these when traveling. Here are some of my favorite haul.

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Are you camera shy?

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In this day and age of the “selfie”, you wonder if being camera shy is still prevalent?


I personally have been a little more wary of photos – I feel like I always look very awkward and become more hypercritical of myself. So when I saw this new Dove video – I totally could relate.

Women in the world, even if they admit it or not, feel an overwhelming urge to be one’s biggest critic. With Dove’s commitment to showing off real feminine beauty, their campaigns focus on encouraging confidence in celebrating a woman’s true beauty from within just like this one.

Join the conversation at #MyBeautifulSelf
Share what you think at facebook.com/dove

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Glossy features Eileen Ng

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Eileen Ng is an Assistant Vice President for Accounting in Asia United Bank. Outside her duties at the bank, Eileen is one of the girls behind the hip label Cole Vintage and an executive in the Electric Jeepney Transport Corporation, the company running the electric jeepneys plying the Makati CBD route.

Apart from her busy corporate life, Eileen is a young mother to 1.8 month-old baby boy, Jet and loving wife to husband Jacob.


shower products


fresh hesperides soap – smells great and doesn’t cause rashes for sensitive skin. i tried using dove soap before but i think it’s a bit too strong for me. this bar lasts for two months or more. i rotate it with l’occitane’s verbena bar soap.

fresh soy facial cleanser – i’ve been using cetaphil before i started using this facial cleanser. it’s also great for sensitive skin. it has an almost clinical smell but not disturbing. removes make up residue and does not cause skin allergies. i also use this as a cleanser for my clarisonic mia.

fresh pomegranate conditioner – i only use this whenever my hair feels dry. i rotate with leyende conditioners. it’s very light, washes off easily and hair smells great after.

soy fresh shampoo – as you can see, i’m a big fan of fresh products (hopefully someone brings in the brand). started using this when they discontinued ivory shampoo. good thing i stumbled upon it in sephora. so far only fresh and leyende seems to work for me. i get allergies with other brands.

aromafloria dry body oil – moisturizes the skin really well! great for sunburns and maintaining a tan. smells really light and fresh. no sticky feeling after application. too bad it’s discontinued. i only have 2 bottles left and am currently searching for a replacement. i don’t think any product will come close 🙁



fresh rose water – i use this when the weather is humid and my skin feels oily. 2-3 sprays before sleeping and i let it dry on my face.

leyende face canvas – i use this on most nights since it’s organic and i feel like there’s less harsh ingredients that can cause damage to skin

fresh soy moisturizer – i use this in the morning. smells a bit citrusy. i feel like it works well with the soy facial cleanser (matchy matchy!)

fresh black tea age delay cream – i use this only when i travel because my skin becomes too oily if i use this everyday in manila. highly recommended if you need an intense moisturizer

argan oil – started using this when i read that breakouts and rashes can disappear with regular use. so far it seems to be working. also safe enough to use for pregnant women so that’s a plus!

base make up


laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer – i love products that multitask. it provides enough coverage, contains SPF 20 and moisturizes at the same time. i end up using this everyday since i’m too lazy to apply products one by one.

clinique bb cream – i find the shade a bit too light (read: medyo kabuki) but am using this as a replacement for my fresh rose primer which they stopped selling in lane crawford (!!!!)

fresh rose primer – i use this as a base before putting on make up. i bought this since i’m using fresh products for cleansing. i feel like using the same brand will yield better results 🙂

fresh twilight primer – i use this as a base before putting on make up for events/night time

laura mercier tinted moisturizer and primer – given to me by my sister in law. size is perfect for travel

clinique primer – shade is a bit too light but it’s very easy to apply since consistency is a bit thinner than most creams. i like the smell too for some reason!

eyes, cheeks


various brushes from mac and laura mercier – i don’t have any experience with other brands but these have been with me for 3 years and they seem to work as good as new. i just clean it with shampoo. i tried the mac brush cleaner but got allergies from it!

shu uemura eyelash curler – enough has been said about this product

laura mercier bronzer – balances the kabuki like skin i get after applying bb cream or chanel primer. i apply this on my chin and
cheeks with the big brush you see on the left

mac eye palette – my first and only eye shadow palette. had this for 3 years. should i replace it?

nars portofino – i use this for my cheeks. blends easily. originally wanted orgasm since everyone was raving about it but the salesperson recommended this instead. works great though!

armani eyes to kill – read about this in a magazine. just got thisrecently. i like the applicator cos it is big and bristles are spread out.

l’oreal mascara – grabbed this at boots cos it was on sale

laura mercier concealer pot – great when you need to hide breakouts. seems like your skin is smooth after you apply with the tiny, pointed laura merciar brush on the left.

chanel teint innocence shell 30 – i’ve been using this for almost 5 years. i feel like i should try other products since this shade is only sold in the philippines and HK and is often sold out but i just don’t have the will to change. it provides a lot of coverage and contains SPF 10. another multitasking product.



fresh sugar lip treatment (label got erased since i put this in my bag) – moisturizes the lips really well and provides a bit of color. feels light afterwards. highly recommended for cold weather.

mac lipsticks – these came with the eye palette i bought. keep thinking i should throw these out already.

chanel rouge allure – this shade of red works best for me. thanks to the sales lady who recommended it! i use it with chanel carmin lip liner. lasts the whole night.

philosophy kiss me – a great lip balm that feels like and smells great. disappears a bit too fast for me though so i need to keep on reapplying.

kiehl’s berry lipgloss – i use this whenever i’m too lazy to put on lipstick and need a bit of color for my pale skin



fresh sake hair cream – smooths out the frizz whenever my hair does not want to cooperate. smell is a bit too strong but disappears after a minute

tigi rockaholic hairspray – i use this liberally whenever i need my hair to stay in place.



fresh hesperides body lotion – matchy matchy with my soap. now you know how i love the smell of hesperides!

earth therapeutics foot repair balm – this is the only foot cream i’ve used that feels tingly and minty after application. also great for dry, cracked soles.

fresh rice body cream – was talked into buying this by the fresh sales person. i use this once in a while if i get tired of the hesperides scent.



lanvin – given to me by another glossy girl jacqui 🙂 i use this when i go out at night

jo malone nectarine blossom and honey – this scent is sweet and light enough to use during the day. i actually bought a bigger bottle since this one is almost gone.



chanel lotus rouge – i have fair skin so this shade is perfect for me

chanel particuliere – i use this when i get tired of the lotus rouge (a glossy recommendation!)

note: fresh products can be bought in lane crawford HK except for the primer which can be bought at amazon and sephora. the rest i think are easy to find except for aromafloria which is discontinued (!!! can’t get over it)

as told to divasoria

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glossy features DOP

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BC Magazine January 2011

our featured pinay this week on glossy is Daphne Osena-Paez. she is a television host, producer, writer, blogger, celebrity endorser and UNICEF ambassador. AND to top all of that, she is a mother to three young girls and a wife to Patrick Paez. can we say superwoman?

here is daphne as she shares her beauty secrets.


I have a very simple bathing ritual, I use Olay Body Bar ofcourse. I’ve been endorsing Olay for 5 years now and people always ask if I really use Olay. Yes I do. for variety, i switch to Olay Total Effects Body Butter – these have different scents and anti-aging properties. With Olay soaps I find I don’t really need to use lotion anymore. Sometimes I massage a light layer of J&J Light Baby Oil after my shower while I’m still wet. I learned this trick from Angel Aquino. I did this throughout my pregnancies and I’ve kept the habit. It helps lock in moisture. L’Occitane Green Tea Body Milk is good after my evening shower. It leaves a nice light clean scent on the body. When I need to fake a golden glow at shoots, I use Smashbox Body Lights Glowing Lotion. This is my last tube. They don’t make this anymore.

My hair regimen isn’t very exciting. I used to be high maintenance – commercial shampoos would cause me to break out. I was limited to using organic shampoos like Nature’s Gate Tea Tree and Blue Cypress. It’s good for avoiding build up and it would leave a slight tingly effect. But after years of using this I got bored. When I tried the new Pantene, I was so surprised I didn’t break out. So now I use Pantene Total Care. But ever five days I use Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo to make sure there’s no build-up in my scalp But I also use kiehl’s Crème with Silk Groom even though I’m paranoid about build up because I have virgin hair – never been rebonded. And it’s not even coloured right now. I have very thick and textured hair. Silk Groom helps tame my hair without weighing it down too much.

Needless to say, I swear by Olay Total Effects On a daily basis I use Total Effects with a touch of foundation but when it’s too hot I use the one with cooling essence. It really does feel lighter on the skin. At night I use Olay Regenerist Serum lightly all over my face and neck. Every two weeks I got to Belo Medical Clinic for a facial. This keeps my skin free from buildup and whiteheads. If I have a little breakout I use Chat 2% from Belo, which isn’t available commercially just through prescriptions. I’ve never done any laser treatments at all. Too scared.


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glossy features MFO

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my ITG-tribute post “glossy received so much positive feedback so i decided to do a series featuring the kikay secrets of different cool pinays – fellow bloggers, local celebrities, award-winning writers and creatives and yes, “normal” girls!

this week, we are featuring christine of Manila Fashion Observer. christine is a writer, consultant and young mother and wife living the expat life. she recently moved from new york to singapore with her family.

now let’s all huddle up as she shares with us her beauty favorites.

Tin and Berry
photo courtesy of chuvaness

I was never a make-up girl. My mom’s idea of beauty is of the Parisian sort – natural, no fuss, simple. So I grew up with that sort of aesthetic. But as we all know with the French, there’s a bit of work involved in getting that “natural, effortless” look.


My beauty routine goes like this. In the mornings, I wash my face with Cetaphil or Hada Labo facial cleanser (I interchange, depending on my mood), tone with La Mer The Tonic, and slap on La Mer SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid. That’s pretty much it. Ever since we moved to Singapore, I’ve been going out sans make up. The humidity is such a downer, I feel like the less stuff I put on my face, the better.

Back when we were living in the States, I used Crème de La Mer, because my skin would get so dry, it was the only thing that was able to keep it from flaking. These days, I hardly use it, sometimes at night, and only when I remember. It’s just too rich and too thick for tropical weather. I have Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma on my shelf, it’s like some sort of wonder product for girls my age, but I am trying to use my remaining lotions and creams first.

So, on days when my face feels a bit tight, I use Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion. I love Hada Labo, it’s a Japanese skincare line that is so much cheaper than SK-II. I still love SK-II though. I used the full line before, but now I just use their foundations. Because when I feel like putting on make-up, it still feels like you don’t have make-up on. I am just using up my last remaining SK-II Perfect Radiance Powder Foundation, then I’m shifting to their Skin Signature Cream-In Foundation. Their beauty consultant told me if I use the latter, I don’t even have to top it with loose powder, it’s great coverage as it is. Let’s see!


For my cheeks, I use Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick in S2 Peach Flush. I used to want to make my cheeks look super rosy, but now that I’m older, I prefer a subtler, more natural sort of blush. For my lips, I don’t do lipsticks. I am more of a lip balm, gloss kind of girl. I use Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 (the best for windburn or just generally parched lips), Lancome Juicy Tubes (I have a stash thanks to my cousin Brenda who works at L’Oreal) and MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix (got it because it was the shade used by the girl behind the MAC counter at Saks, and it just looked so natural!).

For brows, I have it shaped at Browhaus. Highly recommended by all my friends, so I just took their advice. I actually miss Novi at Hairworks in Makati. She was the best brow groomer I ever had. When it comes to lashes, I think curled lashes are enough to make one’s eyes look pretty. I use a Shu Eumura lash curler, and I love Lancome’s Oscillating Mascara, it just makes mascara application so much easier. I bought a lash serum at Browhaus, but have yet to use it. Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen swears by this stuff, I better open that box soon.


Unlike the French who seem to make the rolled out of bed look extremely sexy, I prefer to go out looking well scrubbed. And nothing does well scrubbed better than Safeguard soap. I won’t argue with “kills 99.99% of germs”. Yeah, I am OC like that. For my hair, I use Santa Maria Novella Iris Liquid Shampoo and I switch it up with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (because I love how it smells). Between days when I don’t shampoo, I use Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo (a carryover from my ge lai days, hey if it was good enough to use for almost 30 days straight, it is great for in between days). Now, when it comes to moisturizing, I like Jao Goe Oil. It’s all natural and made up of 28 plant and fruit oils and butters. It just melts onto the skin!


For scents, I like Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey. It has that warm, fruity smell to it, I love how it lingers in my clothes even with just two spritzes. I once dropped a bottle and broke it, splashing our bath mat with it. Even if we’ve washed that mat so many times it still envelopes the room with the scent. Yummy! The Dior scent was a gift from my MIL, and the Tartine is Berry’s.

I like dark nails. I used to go all black, but now I want more sophisticated colors. I like Chanel not just because the colors are gorgeous, but also because they don’t make my nails turn yellow, if you know what I mean. But I am guilty of going grunge with my nails. With the demands of my daily life, I don’t get to maintain them. Chipped polish, hay. But at least they’re Chanel, haha.

– as told to divasoria

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