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That Jagged Little 20-year-old Pill

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Life really has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

I was trolling around Facebook and a friend invited me to an Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill tribute gig and my jaw just dropped. A horrified thought bubble – “Wait? WHUT? Jagged Little Pill is 20 years old?!??!?! How did that happen??”. As much as days go by slowly and years go by quickly, has it really been TWENTY years?

Being the third world 90s kid that I am, I first heard about Alanis probably the early part of 1996, the last quarter of my senior year in high school. It was probably after UPCAT and ACET results were out, I knew I was college-bound and did not care much about what happens the rest of the year. My friends and I were in the deep depths of “senioritis”.

Funnily enough, I barely remember anything about HS graduation but I do remember the shenanigans around the practice. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I clearly recall that fellow tall girls Dianne and Fifi were belting out “You Outta Know” in between horsing around and slacking off during the last few moments of high school. My buddies and I also went on an epic roadtrip to the beach and Baguio before we graduated as this was the probably the last time we were all together and complete – Celina was off to Stanford, Love was off to UCSD, I was off to Fordham the year after. We were only allowed to miss 2 grad practice days(if we had missed more, none of us would graduate. Ironic as 2 of the top 10 of our class are our friends! LOLs) and so we planned it perfectly including the clothes, the food stops and of course, the playlist and I will say sorry to my friends as they had to go through hours of Alanis, Oasis and more Alanis. I was young, angry and foolish. What can I do? 😀

I also remember stalking Alanis at the now defunct APO Hiking Society Lunch variety show with Noee at the Delta Theater(turned used car showroom LOL). She was here for a concert, November 1996 to be exact and I’m not sure why I didn’t watch her. Either nobody wanted to go with me as Alanis was deemed too mainstream for my “alternative/modern” rock listening friends/family or I did not have any money being a poor college kid with 500 pesos a week as allowance. Take note, 500 during that time was not a bad sum of money. You can do so many things with that. But based on my last weekend trip to the UP Town Center(a mall near UP Diliman and Ateneo, where UPIS used to be!), I estimate a local college kid nowadays needs at least 2500 pesos a week to survive given the plethora of things/activities you are bound to spend on these days. Gah! Kids today! But going back to Alanis, so yah, whatever the reason was I dragged Noee to Delta and we almost were trampled by the crazy people who thought of doing the same thing and the White Castle girl and her horse walking around the parking area. Don’t ask me about the latter and no, we did not see Alanis either. We were too tired from all the “moshing” outside we decided to quit and go to Wendy’s Quezon Avenue to eat. LOL. Ahh. Youth.

Those were almost 20 years ago, how about that? Unbelievable. And this morning, I decided to listen to Jagged Little Pill while driving and the tide of memories just flooded right in. I know, Alanis is a manufactured juggernaut of modern rock-feminist twinged pop music but her songs are not bad. Most held up and I think my favorite song in the album is “You learn”. It’s softer than most of the other songs and I guess the song rings true. So many things happened the past two decades – triumph, loss, heartbreak, success, milestones, lessons, beginnings, endings and a whole lotta life – you live and you learn.

That was such a nice trip down memory lane. Thank you, Alanis.

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June 10th, 2015 at 8:34 am


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While trying to psyche myself up for The XX gig last Tuesday evening, I accidentally landed on my TLC playlist – I know..ang labo..BUT..it was alphabetical so you know..THE XX playlist was actually close to TLC 😀 But I digress…

I started obsessively listening to TLC for the rest of the week. I remember in high school, although I was really a rock chick, the iconic 90s all-girl group was really hard to ignore and I LOVED THEM!


I went through a TLC/fashion phase. 90s chicks, we have to come clean about this – yes, I used to wear overalls and Doc Martens and oversized shirts. :/


See, during my time in Pisay, we had “Casual” or Wash day Wednesdays. We could wear almost anything we wanted and for a Filipino uniform-wearing school teen, that is the epitome of freedom.


I would base my Wednesday outfits on stuff I saw on MTV, magazines(YM and Seventeen) and movies. And during the early 90s, TLC was pretty much on MTV 24/7.


Remember those looney tunes characters wearing baggy/hip hop clothes? Yes, I had a few shirts like those, too, because I really thought they were cool(and I know Celina has a few as well). HAHAHA.(and wow, 90s truly is coming back based on this list)

IKR. Don’t worry I didn’t wear condom earrings. HA! I also remember having these leather bracelets made with the words crazy-sexy-cool for Christmas of 1993. LOL!

TLC was also pioneering as they talked about women empowerment, female friendship and relationships.

But more than anything, they played an infectious brand of RNB/Hip-Hop that transcends the test of time. (Too sad that Left-eye, my favorite TLC girl, passed away already)

And thanks to Macy for the heads up, I am too excited about the VH1 movie about TLC!!

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August 4th, 2013 at 8:46 pm

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Dreams do come true.

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i’ve been complaining about the fact that bush is going to open for schlocky naughties rock band evanescence. i don’t even know what kind of music evanescence plays. some sort of emo rock or whatever. i just know their songs are part of the twilight OSTs. (kids, seriously?!??!)

i was asked before if i were a kid today, what would i be into? maybe a little hipstery-angsty. i don’t know. anyway, i digress. bush was part of my youth! at some point, they were one of the biggest bands in the world!

and gavin rossdale..is the hottest guy. like EVER.

evidence #1: gavin rossdale in manila, circa 1997.
(photo taken by juan caguicla)

evidence #2: gavin rossdale with son kingston, december 2011
Gavin Rossdale

and since i was ranting the whole day on twitter and never really thought he’d mind a little mindless chatter but guess what, he tweeted back.


yep, my 16-year-old self would be mighty proud. this needs to be framed. or something.(i think posting about it on twitter, facebook and my blog is the modern equivalent of framing something :P)

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February 20th, 2012 at 6:12 am

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Just Kids

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with all this 90s nostalgia going on, especially with 20th anniversary of the release of nirvana’s nevermind and pearl jam’s ten, i felt the need to post something about grunge.

Just Kids _ Grunge

of all the youth movements that have gone before us, “grunge” was the cultural touchstone that dominated the psyche and zeitgeist of my generation. there was something about the melancholic mood of the US pacific northwest, the grit of gnawing guitars and the sound of depressive rock stars that just melded well with what we were going through in 1991-1994 – we were all on the verge of adolescence filled with confusion, rage and hormones. and with nirvana’s seminal hit “smells like teen spirit”, the title alone made every 12-13-14 year old kid in 1991 feel like this song was for ME!

Just Kids _ Grunge

i was enamored by the whole scene and most especially loved the movie singles, it was a tragically hip movie of the time, a story of 20-somethings living the life in seattle. and it also came with the most amazing soundtrack ever. this cult classic dictated the music, lifestyle and fashion of the early 90s. i remember having to pause the laser disc every so often to take note of bridget fonda’s clothes.

Just Kids _ Grunge

i had also begged my mother to buy me doc marten’s boots and flannel on melrose ave. i also bought several bootcut ripped jeans and granny/kinderwhore dresses from contempo casuals. just like angela chase and rayanne graf of my so-called life.

Just Kids _ Grunge

if you’re a girl my age and had a rebellious streak, you were bound to be a grunge girl – opinionated, independent, strong, adventurous and a little ahead of your time. this was because of all the cool 90s chicks who were so popular back then. and here are some of my own favorites-


glam rock had all the groupies that came hand-in-hand with the music, 90s grunge had these chicks. kim gordon, shirley manson, PJ harvey, liz phair, darcy, tori amos, melissa auf der maur, hope sandoval – all these women were just so amazing. i remember being 14 or 15 and watching MTV and seeing how badass they were. they all spoke their minds and rocked as hard as their male contemporaries.

when i look at pop/rock stars of this generation, i feel they lack the chutzpah and depth of the women we looked up to in the 90s. they’re all so boring and cookie-cutter and i also think kids today don’t have shared cultural high points anymore. maybe it’s technology’s fault – they can access videos and music at their own convenience via the internet.

modern pleasures are not entirely a bad thing but this also lends to a generation consisting of little islands of people. my peers? we had come of age in an era where everything stopped when the new soundgarden video came out or the first time a new rage against the machine song played on NU. we also had the collective shock of hearing one of the heroes of our generation committing suicide. everybody remembers where they were when they heard the news that kurt cobain shot himself.


so it makes me smile to hear that a few young ones discover grunge and that whole early 90s scene and they start worshipping the same artists we loved growing up. and why not? i think my peers and i turned out quite well.

that said, i feel a little old yet nostalgic whenever i read or hear things about the music that dominated my youth. as they say, the music you were listening to when you were 14 stays with you forever and i couldn’t agree more. when i get sick of hearing all these hipster-y stuff, i click to my “grunge” playlist and i instantly feel like i’m a kid again.

despite all the trappings and luxuries of modern adulthood, i still feel like that grunge girl back in the 90s – i like to rock out in my flannels, ripped jeans and doc marten’s when the occasion calls for it. and i’m still a little bit fascinated by a rock scene of the past and re-living the good old days.

and seriously – those were REALLY good times. like this :

and i was there!

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September 19th, 2011 at 6:00 am

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ahhh college

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OMG! i’ve been following the WFUV blog(that’s fordham university’s great public radio station) the past few days and even snow-plow trucks on eddie’s parade excite me! LOL!

i know it’s been 8 years since i graduated from college, but even if i said i hated fordham when i was there, i had a great time and met great friends. i just wish fordham alumni was more active and actually said something significant in the newsletter saying “U2 is playing at fordham. if you donate, we will give you a free pass”.

yah i’ve seen U2 in concert once but i’d pay to see them live at fordham – it’s gotta be a great feeling. my college dorm suite was filled with posters and quite a number of them were U2’s. there’s nothing that spells a northeast white-washed college experience in the 90s like a joint + U2. LOL!

(photo courtesy of wfuv blog)

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March 6th, 2009 at 2:37 pm

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