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Justify My Love: How I Scored Madonna Concert Tickets

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I told myself I was going to write about my Madonna in Manila concert experience when I was able to buy my tickets and I’ve been able to recuperate from the ordeal. So after eating some carbs, hydrating/replacing my electrolytes and after catching up on all work emails and some well needed rest, here is my story.

I’m a fans club member but not hardcore enough to be lifetime/legacy membership. I got an icon live pass which allowed you to purchase tickets last Tuesday, July 21st starting at 11am(legacy/lifetime members started at 10am). I was nursing a fever and with my laptop, credit cards, Madonna spotify playlist on loop and berocca-filled thermos by my side and a battalion of Madonna diehard fans on speed dial, I was getting ready for my turn to do presale. But alas, SM ticketing online system had major glitches and could not handle the traffic. They underestimated Madonna fans!

In fits of madness, I called their hotline and in fairness to their call center agent, she was in constant contact and told me to go to the nearest SM bills payment counter to use my fans club code. With my death face and in my pajamas, I took Uber to SM makati. I figured I can’t handle the stress of traffic and finding a parking slot. I got there and found that the area I wanted was sold out and only the expensive ones were left. BTW, I was just getting the Upper Box seats.(The night before, my mother threatened to disown me if I bought the PhP 57k ones!! HAHAHA! sorry, mom but i am KURIPOT DOT COM). The SM girls were fantastic and the manager told me she had a feeling that they’ve only released very few tickets for presale and more will be released for Citi cardholders the next day, Wednesday, July 22nd. I said a little prayer and thanked them.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, my Madonna fan friends kept me updated on who was already in the queue and so with much urging, I ran to SM makati at 9am with hair still wet but with my game face on. I arrived at the entrance closest to Glorietta and I was glad to see familiar faces(let’s just say we were all women of a certain age). We waited patiently until the mall opened at 10am. I was armed and prepared – I had my water jug and book. I was fully hydrated and medicated! I was ready for battle!

It was probably my best “lining up for things” experience in my life. In this day and age, nobody wants to physically go on queue but thank God for Madonna fans! We each had our own little Madonna moments and concert tips we shared while waiting. But as soon as 10am struck, we ran up the stairs to the second floor counters and took our numbers. I’m glad to say that I’m healthy enough to do a mean sprint thanks to electric studio, options Pilates and circuit 360!!!

The story ends well – I was able to buy 4 upper box tickets and I will see Madonna for the THIRD time next February!

Now for some Madonna Fan-dom FAQs:

1. I heard that Madonna will sing mostly her songs from her new album, isn’t that going to be sad?

I’ve seen the rumored Rebel Heart tour playlist and it had a few old songs, don’t worry.

BUT SERIOUSLY – You guys should expect this, the tour is not named “The Virgin” tour nor is it “Blond Ambition part II”. It is REBEL HEART TOUR and her new album is named REBEL HEART. Deal with it!

2.How can you justify the absurd concert prices?

I cannot defend the prices, they are truly and absolutely absurd. I’ve seen Madonna twice in concert previously and the one time I bought VIP seats, they were USD 400. And that was already in Madison Square Garden!

That said, I don’t judge. Did I judge the ones who saw JLo for PhP 35K?!?!?! NO. Ok, fine, I may have judged a little but it’s their money.

However, if you allow my inner finance geek to show its shiny little head, here is what I call Madonna Math:

Variable A = rate your Madonna fandom from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest
Variable B = the number of years you have been a Madonna fan

So here’s my formula,

Madonna concert ticket price / (A x B) = Overall value to YOU

For example:

57,000 divided by (10 x30 years) = 190 pesos!!!

See that ain’t bad at all.

3. What do you wear during a Madonna concert?

I say go all out, when is the next time Madonna will go to our fair archipelago?!??! She is turning 57 next month, people. She cannot do this for the rest of her life!!

I’m thinking of going as “lucky star” madonna or papa don’t preach” madonna.

If you have more questions, please leave a comment below.

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July 23rd, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Remembering CBK

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My pinterest is filled with the following things:


1. Things I want to buy
2. Places I want to go to
3. Things I want to eat/cook
4. Cute Boys for my reference(the times I am on edge and need instant eye candy 😉 )
5. Clothes/Looks I want to copy
6. John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy photos


The last item is a testament to my own enduring obsession, 14 years after their tragic death. I think I have written about my JFK Jr obsession on this blog countless of times(try at least three entries – here, here and here) – he is THE one for me.

I know I sound like a lunatic but I have to say that there is no one like JFK Jr for girls today! For my generation, John F. Kennedy Jr was the PEG. The guy you would think first when asked who’s your perfect partner. JFK Jr was so goodlooking, well bred, educated, hard working, elegant and down-to-earth! Both friend and parent-approved!

Yes, ask any of my friends, I am probably JFK Jr’s #1 fan in the Philippines. There is a joke that they expect me to date nothing less than a JFK Jr. type. HA! I guess the only one I think can compare to John is Anderson Cooper but..Andy is gay. (I know, the BAR is set VERY HIGH – no wonder)

And don’t get me started with Carolyn! Although she is not traditionally beautiful nor was she perfect but she was chic, amazing, timeless, stylish and allegedly crazy(oh how do we love crazy women like ourselves?!?!). And I love it that my favorite blog into the gloss agrees with me – CBK is the SHIZ!

vanity fair september 1999 carolyn bessette

You can never go wrong with an extremely beautiful man, it’s truly the best accessory but Carolyn was not shabby herself. Her taste is pitch-perfect. She favored neutrals and simple lines.


Having lived in NYC the same time as when they were dating/married, CBK was the epitome of the upwardly mobile and blessed New York woman. I remember I would take note of whatever she was wearing and buy the Gap/Banana republic/J Crew version of her outfit. And come on, just looking at the photos you wouldn’t think these were taken almost 20 years ago!


I also loved how simple her hairstyle was, just long and straight or in a pony tail. Her bleach blonde hair was a bitch to maintain (I’m sure) but this was a time when Park Avenue Princess-types all wanted to look like her – Tall, lithe and very blonde(I prefer tall, lithe and brunette :D).


Again, I am yearning for the time when we had girls like CBK to look up to! Here was a real(?) person, had a real job, wore real clothes and even had real problems(allegedly). Well, fine, at least in my head her life was real! It sounds a little crazy but hers was a life sort of reachable, tragic and mythic. I googled and she was around my current age when she died! O_o

For me, she is an enduring style icon. Just timeless. I wouldn’t mind looking like THAT.

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January 10th, 2014 at 8:10 am


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While trying to psyche myself up for The XX gig last Tuesday evening, I accidentally landed on my TLC playlist – I know..ang labo..BUT..it was alphabetical so you know..THE XX playlist was actually close to TLC 😀 But I digress…

I started obsessively listening to TLC for the rest of the week. I remember in high school, although I was really a rock chick, the iconic 90s all-girl group was really hard to ignore and I LOVED THEM!


I went through a TLC/fashion phase. 90s chicks, we have to come clean about this – yes, I used to wear overalls and Doc Martens and oversized shirts. :/


See, during my time in Pisay, we had “Casual” or Wash day Wednesdays. We could wear almost anything we wanted and for a Filipino uniform-wearing school teen, that is the epitome of freedom.


I would base my Wednesday outfits on stuff I saw on MTV, magazines(YM and Seventeen) and movies. And during the early 90s, TLC was pretty much on MTV 24/7.


Remember those looney tunes characters wearing baggy/hip hop clothes? Yes, I had a few shirts like those, too, because I really thought they were cool(and I know Celina has a few as well). HAHAHA.(and wow, 90s truly is coming back based on this list)

IKR. Don’t worry I didn’t wear condom earrings. HA! I also remember having these leather bracelets made with the words crazy-sexy-cool for Christmas of 1993. LOL!

TLC was also pioneering as they talked about women empowerment, female friendship and relationships.

But more than anything, they played an infectious brand of RNB/Hip-Hop that transcends the test of time. (Too sad that Left-eye, my favorite TLC girl, passed away already)

And thanks to Macy for the heads up, I am too excited about the VH1 movie about TLC!!

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August 4th, 2013 at 8:46 pm

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I’m a late adopter when it comes to Scandal. I tried to watch the very first episode earlier this year but I found it boring that I couldn’t even finish the Pilot. And then a few months ago, I was listening to one of my podcasts and the hosts were all giddy about Scandal and that was when I decided to give it a second shot.

Scandal revolves around Olivia Pope who heads a crisis managemt firm in Washington DC handling different scandals in the US Capital. Olivia also is a political player who has strong connections within the current administration of Republican President Fitzgerald GranT III.

I can describe this show as The West Wing meets Melrose Place meets Law and Order meets Homeland – I know TWW fans will balk at the idea because Shonda Rhimes is so NOT Aaron Sorkin but Scandal fairly is inspired by the pace and fervor of the supposed activities in the White House… yah, just consider Scandal as the Paris Hilton version of The West Wing. LOL!


I had gone through the first “mini” season fairly quickly and got hooked. But I do have to admit, after watching shows in more “progressive”(read: better writing/production) cable networks for the most part, Scandal’s less thought out storyline got me a little annoyed.


The plot twists can be shallow and side stories a little too “WTF”, and just like daytime soap operas, without the proper build up or editing. It ticked me off so much that as I went through the second season, I can only watch an episode at a time as opposed to binge-viewing it for the weekend. I went through the same phase when I first started watching Grey’s Anatomy, another Shonda Rhimes show which I quit on after the third season

That and I could only stand Kerry Washington’s one-face acting for a short period of time.


Yes, Kerry is one of the hottest actresses right now and she has such a pretty face – but what irks me the most is Kerry/Olivia Pope has that lip-twitch in almost every scene of the damn show!


Olivia works her gladiators? Lip-twitch. Olivia tries a political maneuver, lip-twitch. Olivia hears shocking news, lip-twitch. Olivia has wild sex, lip-twitch. Yes, Kerry Washington lip-twitch is this year’s Claire Danes cry-face!

I youtube-d the lip-twitch and found this hilarious parody/make-up tutorial. LOLOL!

I know, I sound like I’m hate-watching Scandal – but seriously, it is addictive to a certain degree and it more than makes up for the “emptiness” I feel during the hiatus in between some of my favorite series like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Homeland.

AND SPEAKING OF HOMELAND – Carrie and Brody in Vogue!




Ugh. September 29th can’t get here fast enough(click the link for a season 3 sneak peek).

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July 22nd, 2013 at 5:52 am

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500 (Episodes) of This American Life

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I remember buying my 2nd iPod and I was feeling bored with my playlists and I was sick of the stuff we get on local radio so my friend had suggested I download podcasts to listen while I drive to and from work. I took his advice and I looked around iTunes and checked the top podcasts downloaded and I noticed it was consistently one podcast – This American Life. I felt apprehensive at first but since that day 8 years ago, I’ve been hooked.

It’s really hard to describe This American Life(TAL) but I will try. It is a journalistic non-fiction show featuring personal essays, memoirs and short fiction- basically an audio documentary hosted by a self-depricating genius named Ira Glass, who is a character himself. Ira is quirky, funny and kind of awkward – he has this distinct voice and very nuanced way of telling a story. Each episode also focuses on one topic and each story called “acts” revolve around this particular issue.

In this day and age of full-on multi-media extravaganza, TAL perfects and moves the art of storytelling to a whole different level. The podcasts are filled with energy, drama, creativity and imagination – I have to say, it’s kind of awesome. There are so many TAL episodes worth mentioning – giant pool of money, 24 hours at the golden apple …some are even very controversial just like the recent retraction of the Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory episode.

But my absolute favorite from the past 500 episodes of this podcast? It’s probably this –

It’s called “The Break-up”. Everybody has gone through a painful break up and the stories in this episode simply just illustrates the range of emotions one feels during this awful human experience. This episode is sad, witty, awkward, hilarious and AH-MAY-ZING. And probably the reason why I decided to download Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds”.

Also through TAL, I discovered so many writers I have learned to love – David Sedaris, Mike Birbiglia, Nancy Updike, Sarah Vowell, Shalom Auslander and the late David Rakoff.

If you want to be entertained as well as add some new things to your expanding mental library, I suggest you include This American Life to your own weekly listening list.

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July 16th, 2013 at 1:15 am