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I am cute

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Did you know that only 7% of Filipino women think they’re beautiful?!?!?! Well, unfortunately, I am part of that 93% who think otherwise.

I am cute! Yes, still can't say "i am beautiful". Did you know that only 7% of Filipinas think they're beautiful? I am part of that 93% who think otherwise. But hey cute over beautiful IMHO see I did it @nicolejacinto  #selfie #myway #iambeautiful #iloved

But with Leo-sized brass balls, I think I am cute because cute over beautiful, IMHO. 😛

Seriously though, I think women are too caught up with minor flaws about themselves, time to change this way of thinking. I admit, it’s hard to say I am beautiful..so why not say “I AM AMAZING!”.

Join this Dove movement of overcoming fear, insecurity and lack of confidence. #IAmBeautiful

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November 30th, 2013 at 8:49 am

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Divasoria in Northern Living

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Lame self-promotion post as I am notoriously shy and protective of my private and blogging life but as D puts it I will have to own up to it. So here it goes.LOL

I’m in the latest issue of Northern Living and I talk about how I started blogging and successfully merging my two interests plus I share my fave luxe and steal beauty products and some tips!


After checking out the issue, P said that the “Northerner” title is now a misnomer as I have since then moved to Makati a couple of weeks back but truth be told, I am a QC girl for life, LOL.

You can check out the latest issue at your nearest outposts around the Northern part of Metro Manila.

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October 8th, 2013 at 8:38 am


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i’ve been super obsessed with into the gloss(or ITG) lately. ITG is this beauty blog by emily weiss who was an ex super intern at teen vogue. it’s about the beauty secrets of “insiders” such as editors, stylists, agents, etc. i like it because it’s very stylized yet still very personal.

my favorite part of ITG is top shelf. this section focuses on the beauty regimen of really cool chicks like jen brill. i like how the whole thing is set up, it just looks like you invaded their bathroom and just hung out and talked about your favorite beauty products! so interesting! like a candy store! i’m so terribly inspired by ITG’s top shelf that i decided to do my own little version since i got quite a few questions on skincare and make up at my formspring months ago. heehee.


i've been a fan of kiehl's since the mid-90s. i still use the same stuff for the past 14 years – wash my face with foaming non-detergent washable cleanser, use their calendula alcohol-free toner and put a thin layer of their ultra facial moisturizer. plus i use chanel’s UV essentiel sunblock. i do that twice a day. i also use clinique’s all about eyes at night, a gift from my mother when i turned 30. EEK! when i hit PMS and my hormones go haywire, i use pond’s antibacterial facial scrub when i wash my face midday(i have combination skin).

i keep my make up fairly simple for casual/work days. i usually don’t use foundation but whenever i have to, i use giorgio armani’s luminous silk foundation. i also love their fluid sheer, which i just put on by itself and top it with bobbi brown’s sheer pressed powder and add benefit’s hoola for a slight tan. for my lips, it’s a toss up between kiehl’s lip balm #1 or smith’s brambleberry rose lip balm( i love the packaging!) and some lip gloss/stain like chanel’s glossimer or nars lipgloss. recently though, i’ve been obsessed with red lips. i love MAC’s ruby woo and i am MAD over rouge d’armani #402. it’s like a maroon x fuschia mix! so insane! for evening, i like to line my eyes with chanel’s le crayon khol eyeliner in noir and when i’m in the mood, i do a smokey eye using the velvet plum quad of bobbi brown or this “stupendous” chanel quad. and of course, shu uemura eyelash curler. a desert island must-have.

i have stick straight, fine asian hair. but since i decided to grow it out last year, i’ve been using sunsilk green which supposedly makes the hair grow faster. who knows if it works! hahaha. but typically, i use kiehl’s amino acid shampoo. chiyo tagami has been cutting my hair for the past 3 years, i love her! chiyo trims my bangs every 3 weeks as well. my eyebrows are very “sparse”, so i only have it groomed every 45 days at browhaus.

and NAILS! where do i start?


there are only two places i go to – nail loft and nail tropics. and i’m extremely picky with my nail color so i bring my own bottles.


i used to be into boring color but chanel nail polish just rocks my socks because they really do set the trend for the season and quality is beyond. plus cute nails are just great picker-uppers!


and luckily, i had the foresight to buy the “newest” chanel polish of the moment black pearl! i love the gunmetal grey-green hue.


PHEW! (i didn’t think that would require a lot of work!)

and yes, i consider myself low maintenance. HAHAHAHAHA.

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February 2nd, 2011 at 8:26 am

The Man Repeller for On The Radar

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The Man Repeller for On the Radar

NEW YORK CITY — Because recent fashion runways have been filled with MC Hammer pants, sheik-like turbans, Chewbacca jackets and furry boots, even studded, razor-sharp stilettos — observers ask: Do stylish women dress up for men?

Revolutionary designer Elsa Schiaparelli famously said, “Women dress alike all over the world; they dress to annoy other women.”

Believe me, nothing makes a fashionable woman’s heart go a-flutter as when girlfriends, frenemies or random chicks go up to her and say, “I love your outfit”.

Blogger Leandra Medine, 21, celebrates her passion for the kind of fashion loved by women but hated by a good number of straight men in her blog, “The Man Repeller.”

One fine day, while shopping at Topshop, Medine recalls lamenting the state of her love life when her girlfriend pointed out: “You’re wearing a denim button-up with high-waist denim cut-offs and black suede flat booties.”

photo courtesy of manrepeller.com

That evening, she started her blog.

Manrepeller.com is filled with Leandra’s hysterical take on trends, with entries ranging from her own interpretation of Martin Margiela’s paper dress and boots to reviewing the latest from Paris and New York Fashion Weeks.

She likes to share finds that would undoubtedly wow other women but appall men, thus calling them “man repeller” or MR.

She defines “man repeller” as outfitting one’s self in a sartorially offensive way, resulting in repelling members of the opposite sex.

For more about the Leandra Medine and Man-Repelling, please check out the rest of the article in today’s On The Radar of the Sunday Star.

The Man Repeller for On the Radar

Incidentally, Leandra’s blog is nominated in the “Most Original” category of the Bloglovin’ awards. Vote for The Man Repeller here!

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January 30th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Tête-à-tête with the boys of Project Rungay

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Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay

The blog Project Rungay was created in 2006 by married couple Tom and Lorenzo as a way to vent their opinions on their favorite reality show, Project Runway. Born out of their need to stop themselves in what they call “committing homocide,” Project Rungay has now expanded their commentary to fashion and more television shows.

Their blog is catty but filled with insightful and honest repartees, which reflect the couple’s conversations throughout the day. Dialogue is spiced with flirty words such as “darlings,” “kittens” and “poodles” just as one might expect to hear from the funny gay guy in the next cubicle.

Four years after their first post, T Lo, as fans fondly call them, have garnered a large, worldwide audience ranging from urban gay men to rural straight women. Apart from their blogging, the couple has been holding celebrity and style interviews for Metrosource magazine with celebrities like Christina Hendricks, Robert Verdi and Tim Gunn.

Tom and Lorenzo agreed to an On the Radar exclusive interview.

On The Radar: You’ve been blogging since 2006 and garnered such a diverse audience. What was the turning point where you said, “Wow, we’re famous”?

T LO: We don’t want to sound falsely modest, but we haven’t really had that moment yet. We don’t really think of ourselves as “famous” because even if we were to admit a certain level of internet fame, well, that’s internet fame. It doesn’t do you any good to become impressed with yourself. We’re just a couple of bitchy, (hopefully) funny, opinionated guys who can put together a bunch of posts every day and get a decent number of people to come and read them and even better, leave a comment on them. While we’re thrilled that the blog is successful. The second we get cocky about it is the second our audience will start dwindling away.

Do you feel that you’re too judgmental? Has any one of your subjects called you out on being mean? If so, how did you handle it, and were there any death threats?

Death threats? Thankfully, no. A handful of reality show contestants really took what we do the wrong way, but for the most part, the people we write about either like us or they’re totally ambivalent about us.

As for “mean and judgmental,” we don’t see it that way. You can take an afternoon browsing through the top fashion, celebrity, and pop culture sites and find that quite a lot of them are far bitchier than we are.

We look at it like this: If you want to be on a reality TV show, then you’re going to have to put up with people on the Internet expressing opinions about you. It comes with the territory. We might as well have a little fun with it and if the subject really hates us for it, oh well.

We always restrict our commentary to their behavior and their work on the show itself. That is, we’re using the material they gave us when they opted to be on TV.

As for red carpet commentary, we always make this point but we don’t mind highlighting it again: in most of the red carpet situations we cover on our blog, the persons featured have the benefit not just of a personal stylist to help them dress, but the cooperation of designers and high-end boutiques who are all too willing to lend out everything: jewelry, bag, shoes, and dress. Considering most celebrities step out wearing outfits that cost more than the average woman’s wedding gown, and considering they usually paid someone to put the outfit together, they are more than fair game to come in for a little judging.

They’re big girls and boys. They can take it. We look at it like a competitive sport and we’re sitting at a table at the end of the red carpet holding up scorecards.

Please check out today’s On the Radar to read the whole interview. :)

Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay

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October 10th, 2010 at 12:37 pm