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Angel Jacob is an actress, TV personality and model. She is currently the host of MEDTALk on Solar News Channel where she discusses anything and everything related to health concerns with two guest doctors every week(airs Tuesday nights, 7-8pm) and Philippine realty TV on ABS-CBN News Channel(co-hosted with a fellow glossy boy – Gabe Mercado) which features the best the brightest in world of local real estate(topics range from home loans, picking lots and scouting around for condo units).

Recently, she started working on a new teleserye for ABS-CBN, entitled MIRABELLA playing along side Julia Barretto. She has wrapped up working on an independent film entitled SILONG with Piolo Pascual and Rhian Ramos.

Over and above everything else, she is a proud mom to her 20-year-old daughter, Arielle. 24/7/365.


Here is a look at what I use on a regular non-working day. The stuff I use for work is a different story altogether…

It’s a very simple and fuzz free routine. Let me start off by sharing with you the stuff I use on my face.


1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate (I found this seller on Instagram @dgtaltraincase, or I ask friends who go to Paris to get me several tubes) – according to google it’s French for milk-cream concentrate, it keeps my skin moisturized and it also removes the dirt and grime I have accumulated during the day. I have this technique … I gently massage with light pressure in a circular motion, on my face and neck and tissue off after around two minutes, preparing my now soft, velvety skin for the next product … by the way, I also use it more generously on those occassions when I have to wear heavy mae-up, like during events, and shoots.

2. Aknicare Cleanser – a non-drying, clear gel facial wash that helps me deal with adult acne (an occasional zit or 2, from too much make-up I guess). I use this on my face twice daily.

3. Fresh Sugar Face Polish – fine, sweet smelling grains to scrub away more dirt and grime for deeper cleaning. I probably do this around twice a week. It also acts as a facial mask when left on for about 5 mins, then I rinse it off. My face feels so fresh and clean right after. Oh, and you don’t need too much of it, just a little will do the trick!

4. Lancome Eye Make-up Remover – for me the best eye make-up remover in town. One or maybe even two swipes of the product using cotton, and all that eyeliner, eyeshadow and masacara look there they were even there in the first place. Oops, made this singit, I just had to. I don’t normally wear heavy mascara and eyeliner on a non-working day.

5. Bioderma – no rinse face-eyes-neck wonder! This soothing, non-drying make-up remover is a staple inside my make-up kit (for work, I have the cute travel size), my bathroom (large almost empty bottle in the picture, which reminds me I have to order again, also from @dgtaltraincase) and extra ones for just in case purposes. On a non-working day, it helps remove the concealer, blush and occasional eyeliner and mascara, even lipstick. On days when I use heavy make-up, I find it relaxing to use, maybe because it has no smell making my removing make-up ritual, such a pleasant experience. It takes me less than five minutes to remove all the gunk on my face.

Moving on to the other products I use on my face …


6. Aknicare Treatment Lotion – the applicator is like a roll-on which makes it fun to use, I roll it all over my face when I have occasional break-outs. It smells mild, but acts like an astringent in drying up the little bumps on my face. When I wake up in the morning after leaving it on overnight, the bumps have dried up, whew!

7. Skin Medica Illuminating Eye Cream – a light cream which takes care of brightening the under eye. During days when I don’t feel like using concealer, this cream gives me the confidence to do just that. Again, I have a special technique in applying the product, I carefully pat then massage it on the eye area. This goes on my eye area twice a day. I also use it on my lips! Because the skin on our eyes and lips are very similar and sensitive (and prone to those “lines”).

8. Helix Aspersa Muller – my day and night cream. The amount I use depends on the kind of weather we have. During cooler months when my skin tends to get dry, I use a generous amount. During the summer, when I notice my skin getting oily I use only a fair amount instead. I also use this on my eye area, and my lips. Since it’s on my face already why not distribute it evenly, even after I have already applied my eye cream/lip cream.

9. Caudalie Spray – where do I begin … it’s one of those products you have to hoard, haha! I feel my skin tighten, I feel each and every pore moisturized, I notice that healthy glow, skin feels so supple … so clean. I enjoy spraying it as the last step when doing make-up. I have the travel size, which goes inside my gym bag, travel bag, make-up kit and my everyday bag.

10. Zen Nutrients Tea Tree Deodorant Spray – the cooling, soothing, anti bacterial effect on my underarms keeps me feeling fresh on a regular basis, even when I workout or spend long hours at a shoot. I like you apply it by spraying, I find that it is gentler that way.

11. La Roche-Posay 50+ sunblock – I never leave home without applying sunblock. As we age we get those unwanted sun spots, applying sunblock daily( which starts at an early age, I started using sunblock when I turned 20, medjo late na ata yun) can prevent that from happening, or at least minimizing the sun’s effect on our akin. It’s liquid consistency makes it easy to apply, again, using the same technique as the other products I put on my face. I hoard on this stuff when I go to Hong Kong since I can’t get it here.

Moving on to my favorite scents :


During the day I alternate between Sparrow’s Summer Solstice and Clarins Eau Dynamisante. I like the fresh, citrusy scent of Summer Solstice (made by make-up artist Cat Cantada) I have one bottle inside my gym bag, inside the bag I bring to shoots, one inside the bathroom, and one bottle inside the bag I use on a daily basis. I like that Clarins has that mysterious fresh scent, I can’t quite describe it …let me try … it has that freshness I like in a scent but this time with a more sophisticated appeal.

And speaking of a more sophisticated appeal CDG 3 has the smell of incense without it being too overpowering, a slight hint of flowers with that musky appeal which doesn’t get me or my companions dizzy.. I use this scent at night (the bottle in the pic is empty, time to get myself a new one).

I spray these scents all over my body, even on my hands. Just in case I have to shake somebody’s hand.

Bath time …

I only have four products when I take a bath …


1. My Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – I color my hair a lot, and I realize that it damages my hair. Dove keeps my hair healthy, strong and manageable, because feeling good starts from the top (haha, I just had to say it) I’m a Dove girl and I love it!

2. Dove cream bar – my sensitive skin thanks me for this!

3. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub – Bathtime is more enjoyable with this product around, with almond oil, macadamia grains and crushed brown sugar, and lime I’m sure you would want to stay longer in the shower.

Lotion time …


1. Nature’s Gate Colloidal Oatmeal – my un-scented lotion for when my sensitive skin needs more attention.

2. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter – just like the body scrub version, but this time with a bit more lime for you to smell and enjoy. It’s butter like consistency makes it perfect to use even during the summer.

3. Zenutrients Coco Mint Foot Lotion – the packaging says : softens, smoothens, deodorizes and protects … I agree!

4. Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – I have this thing for washing my hands all the time. This hand and nail cream keeps and protects my hands from drying (made from crushed grapes aid in delaying the aging process of our skin on our hands) and keeps my nails looking healthy and strong (just like my hair).

5. Caudalie Divine Oil – I use this oil as my after sun protection, and on days my skin craves for that oil soaked skin feel. During warm summer nights, it gives just the right amount of glow to the skin. It’s lovely, delicate scent, has that relaxing effect on me.

Nail polish :


Dior Vernis – I have other shades, but I always go back to this deep burgundy shade. I find it sophisticated, and very chic! (this was the shade I was wearing on the cover of the Rogue Magazine October issue) One day I will pay attention to the other shades I have, but for now my nails are happy with this one.

My Pylones, nail cutter. I’m a sucker for packaging!

My everyday make-up essentials –

1. Bobbi Brown Concealer in Medium – just a small amount in the eye area and it does the trick, most especially on days I lack sleep, it brightens up the eye area in an instant, making it look like you have nothing on. I skip powder, and go straight to my eyebrows.

2. Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil – I like my eyebrows thick, the soft and feminine kind of thick. I cando this myself without looking like I played with my brows. The color blends well with my hair color and skin tone.

3. Lancome + Alber Elbaz Doll Eyes Mascara – how could I resist the packaging, it adds that extra personality to my everyday make-up kit. Plus even without curling my lashes I get that “doll like” effect I want. And, it’s waterproof!

4. Chanel eyeliner in Braun – I only use eyeliner when I remember. During those days when I feel like opening up my eyes, I run the liner back and forth (about 4x) inside my upper inner eye, and the close and open my eyes so that the liner on top travels down to the lower area of my eye, giving me that smudged effect (which I only do at night).

5. The Lip Scrub Brown Sugar by Sarah Happ – I make sure to scrub my lips before applying lip balm or lipstick, that way my lips are always clean, smooth, and moisturized. Plus lipstick stays on longer.

6. My favorite red lipstick – Clinique Ready To Wear!

7. My favorite bordeux lip – Dior Addict Black Tie , for me, the perfect deep berry lip!

8. Bobbi Brown creamy matte Crushed Plum. This color makes my lips and cheeks happy and healthy. The rich plum color, that can be used as a stain during the day, and a bolder deeper lip at night. This color also serves as my blush,The excess on my lips I swipe on my cheeks, that’s why on a regular non working day, I can do without having blush inside my bag.

9. Caudalie lip conditioner – I have this in every corner of the house, I am a big fan of moisturized and supple looking lips! I use this in preparation for lipstick. I use it at night before I sleep. I always have this inside my bag! During days I want my lips to rest from all that color this is all your’ll find me wearing.

I must admit though, I’m a lipstick addict, the other stash is inside my make-up kits for shoots and events. My make-up artists prohibit me from taking a trip to the lipstick counter, haha! But I always manage to sneak in a few tubes behind their back.

10. Lancome x Alber Elbaz eye shadow – it used to contain this pretty light pink eyeshadow. One day, I dropped it and everything scattered on the floor, so I decided to make it my mirror, it’s the perfect size, nice and handy, and the packaging makes it easy for me to spot inside my make-up kit.

And finally …


Moroccan Oil Treatment – the third step in my hair care routine, while my hair is wet, I apply a small amount to the ends and gently massage the product until I feel I have covered all the ends. It protects my hair from sun’s heat and the heat from the blowdryer (which I only use during shoots). On a regular day, I let my hair dry naturally.

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