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Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco works for a media consultancy firm based abroad where she manages the back-end sales support. She is one of the top food bloggers in the country 80 breakfasts, a blog which has chronicled her cooking adventures in the last 7 years. She also writes a monthly. column for Yummy magazine called Family Kitchen.


When Grace asked me to be a part of Glossy Girl I was flat out flattered. The fact that anyone would think I was anywhere near ‘glossy’ is reason enough to give me a thrill! Then, I had to be completely honest with her, and give her full disclosure. I am not your typical ‘glossy girl’ with make-up and beauty products spilling out of already-full cosmetic cases and bathroom counters. My whole ‘beauty routine’, if you could even call it that, consists of soap and water. But Grace remained unruffled, saying that she liked to feature different kinds of Glossy Girls, and yes please, she would still like to feature me.

So don’t say you weren’t warned!

Joey soap shampoo

Like I said, 90% of the time, this is what I consider my beauty routine – soap and water. I like to say I am low maintenance but the truth is I am also quite lazy and can’t be bothered with creams and potions. I use Dove Gentle Exfoliating beauty bar because it moisturizers and exfoliates at the same time, and for someone that doesn’t use moisturizer, that’s pretty important. Also, I like the smell. I have very curly hair that is notoriously disobedient so I use any shampoo that claims to have “total repair” powers – Pantene Total Damage Care does the job for me.

I don’t use moisturizer, neither body nor face, because the least things I need to do before going to bed after a busy day, the better. Also it is just too hot in this country! The only time I’ve ever used moisturizer was when I was working in Europe in the winter and my skin threatened to fall off if I didn’t give it some proper hydration. I realize, at 38, that I technically cannot afford to go without moisturizing for much longer, and I resolve to start soon. Suggestions are welcome.

Joey make up

As with my skincare, my make up routine is painfully minimal. I use Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner in black because I like the soft, thick line it makes, which I can smudge to make my eyes looks smoky. My main eye shadow is Paul & Joe 004. My other eye shadow is Stila Cloud, which is great on the whole eye with black eyeliner, or as a highlight to the Paul & Joe’s more gun-metal tone. So my whole eye routine is a combination of these three things. I don’t have make-up brushes – I use my fingers to apply all my eye make-up.

For my lips I use either lip balm or lip gloss. I use Clinique Black Honey when I need some color. When I’m feeling sassy I use Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory (here in Candy Gloss). It was a gift but how can you not love it with a name like that. It has this special lip plumping ingredient that makes your lips tingle when you slick it on. Also, it smells like vanilla.

Joey clean&clear tweezers

I don’t use powder or foundation, so I always have these ubiquitous Clean & Clear oil control film wipes with me to blot shine.

Tweezers – when your brows look done, you look done. Enough said. Yes, I have had branded tweezers before, but this one always puts a smile on my face when I whip it out.

Most of these photos are taken in my bathroom counter which is where my meagre collection of ‘essentials’ are stored (and where I apply make-up).

Joey olive oil and brown sugar scrub

Because I’m a food blogger, I can’t help sneaking in a recipe here. One of the best scrubs I have ever had was made of brown sugar and olive oil. Just get some brown sugar, add some olive oil to make a paste. After showering, rub it all over your shower-wet self. You can choose to do only some parts as well if you’d rather, like only legs for example. Then rinse everything off very well and towel dry. Your skin will be amazingly soft!

So that’s it! Slap on a smile and a great attitude and I am good to go! It just goes to show, you don’t have to own a ton of beauty products to be a Glossy Girl 😉

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  1. love the minimalist routine


    24 Oct 12 at 6:26 pm

  2. Perfection!


    24 Oct 12 at 7:03 pm

  3. wow! inner beauty lang ang peg.


    25 Oct 12 at 7:15 pm

  4. this defines short but sweet. love it 🙂


    26 Oct 12 at 6:05 pm

  5. Finally, I know now the face behind 80breakfasts! I love her blog 🙂

    Tara Cabullo

    2 Nov 12 at 8:45 pm

  6. a great beauty… yet unassuming!! as always brainy, funny & witty… yet self-effacingly humble 🙂


    2 Nov 12 at 11:37 pm

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