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Patty Castillo-Camacho is a Money Broker for Tradition Financial Services. Prior to working in the world of finance, Patty had stints in fashion and retail. In college, she was active in various dance troupes in her alma mater, the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Patty is also a newlywed and she loves to spend her weekends with her husband in the beach with their three beautiful beagles.


I actually feel sooo lucky to be blessed with skin and hair that’s not sensitive at all. I always tell people that I can actually share my dog’s beauty products and my skin/hair wouldn’t react at all (don’t worry, I don’t actually do that naman).

My daily regimen is pretty simple. I start my day with a bath. I rotate 3 shampoos-


1. L’Oreal Smooth-Intense Shampoo – it leaves my hair extra straight, it’s kinda my cheap alternative to Kerastase.
2. Lush I Love Juicy – i love the fruity smell and how a small amount can go a looong way. My hair is very thick, so this is a factor for me.
3. Body Shop Rainforest Shine – apart from being organic and completely paraben-free, it leaves my hair super soft and shiny! This is my favorite:) I condition my hair 2x a week with either L’oreal Smooth Intense or Pantene Nature Care. I leave it on my hair atleast 5 minutes before rinsing it off completely.


When my hair dries, it’s as if I just got a hot oil from the Salon:). On the days I don’t use a conditioner, I put Sunsilk straight perfection leave on conditioner on my hair while it’s damp. I rarely iron my hair, but when I do so, I use Brazilian keratin Therapy’s flat iron spray to protect my hair from the heat and help with the extra shine.


I’m pretty much addicted to shower gels, I love the shower gel from Bodyshop. So I always have a stock of it in my bathroom, and I’m partial to the fruity scents. I also use Dove (the green one) and Magnolia from Marks and Spencer. Tried and tested, they really leave my skin moisturized.

After my bath, I put lotion all over my body. I love the beach and am quiet obsessed with tanning (I know it’ll have it’s consequences when I’m older), that’s why I make sure i moisturize and use a thick lotion. I am fan of the Body Butters from Bodyshop, it deeply moisturizes my abused skin!!!


I wash my face with Garnier Pure Active and Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating wash, I just alternate the two. I’m partial to facial wash with beads for extra scrub. After the wash I use a Toner, Human Nature which is very mild and doesnt sting. Last thing i do is moisturize with either Olay and You Rebel from Benefit in the morning (this is tinted). In the evening I moisturize with Lancôme’s rehydrating skin care lotion since it’s very light.


I rarely put make-up on. But I do have a few items that I enjoy putting on. I don’t wear foundation or face powder unless I’m going to a wedding. My basic make-up routine is a simple blush, lipstick and a bit of eye color. It depends on my mood and the weather, I start with deciding if I want a matte look or a dewy look. If it’s matte, I use Porefessional from Benefit. It really makes pores disappear and mattifies my skin for hours. If its dewy, I use Girl Meets Pearl, also from Benefit. After that, I put on my blush, Coralista from benefit, my fave since I’m partial to orange-y shades for my cheeks (I like the “just came from the beach look” kasi). If not that shade, I go for a very light shade of pink from Bodyshop.


Then after that I put on my lipstick and eyeliner/shadow. The shadedepends on my outfit and mood for the day. I like the bold colors of Nars, Benefit and Revlon. For the eye colors, I love Laura Mercier. I stick with basic colors that I can use with different shades of lip color.


If I need to go out, I usually just choose a darker eye color or do a smokey eye or I put on a really dark shade of lipstick:) the last touch would be benefits Bathina on my shoulder blades, back, and arms (any part of my body that’s exposed) since it gives a gorgeous light shimmer and it smells really good!!!


I never go to sleep without taking off my make-up! I use Human Nature’s Honey and Cocoa Butter make-up remover and for my eyes I use Laura Mercier’s eye make up remover.


A fresh scent is a must for me so before heading out, I always put perfume on my wrists and pulse points. My favorites are:
1. Kenzo L’eau Par – I’ve been using this since high school!!
2. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil – smells like fresh leaves
3. Acca Kappa
4. Miss Dior Cherie – fresh fruity scent
5. Prada.

That’s pretty much what I do, very simple and low maintenance naman ako eh:). And my products don’t have to be expensive, as long as it works for me, I’ll use it forever. But I’m still always ready to try new products:)

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  1. Thanks for featuring Patty :) Beautiful girl inside and out.

    P.S. Bathina pala ang secret mo. Haha! I’m gonna get myself one.

    Kris Sevilla

    6 Jun 12 at 8:10 am

  2. this is a nice write up :) i agree, Patty is indeed a beautiful girl. :) love her and her beauty regimen :)

    Reese Gaerlan

    6 Jun 12 at 10:23 am

  3. Patty has a style that I truly like, classy and sophisticated. Simple yet very elegant. That’s how she really stands out in a crowd. I learned a lot from her especially on how to age gracefully. She’s really one of a kind! :)

    Bambie Garcia-Paet

    6 Jun 12 at 10:32 am

  4. Thanks for sharing, Patty! I got some good tips on the shampoos and beauty products she uses 😉


    6 Jun 12 at 12:33 pm

  5. I’ve been looking for some good cream eye shadow. Will definitely try Laura Mercier, thanks for the tips!

  6. Good beauty regimen advise, Patty uses products that are most beneficial for her, even using them alternately depending on her current need.

    Gina Pastor-Quito

    6 Jun 12 at 8:05 pm

  7. Really proud to have a nice and gorgeous friend like patty :)

    Lissa Agbayani

    6 Jun 12 at 8:16 pm

  8. Loving the tips! I’ve been trying out the Human Nature products too. Patty always looks goergeous! Thanks for sharing your secrets!

    Olga Tanedo

    7 Jun 12 at 7:27 am

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