NKOTB forever

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i am an NKOTB fanatic. there. i said it!


right before i got into nirvana, pearl jam and sonic youth, i was into the new kids on the block. if you were born between the years of 1976-1981 and went to an all-girls’ school, you were bound to have had an NKOTB phase. anybody who says otherwise is a COMPLETE LIAR. it was inescapable for my generation of girls.

the topic of discussion would always involve who was the cutest new kid and who was your favorite. most girls were either for jordan or joey, the more adventurous ones would take donnie or jonathan. the one who chose danny didn’t exactly have any other choice 😀

i’ve always been the joey mcintyre girl- he was the youngest in the group and had the prettiest big blue eyes and cutest curly brown hair. totally adorable! interestingly, most of my crushes from that period were a filipino-mestizo derivative of joey mcintyre. LOL.


one of the biggest reasons why i liked NKOTB is that their style was pretty street – they wore leather jackets and ripped jeans. and they were “tough” (yes, hence hangin’ tough!). i probably spent a good fraction of my allowance on buying BOP and tigerbeat covers of NKOTB. any mention of NKOTB on those magazines, i needed to have it.


this whole thing happened between the ages of 11-12. NKOTB came to the philippines for a concert in 1992. by that time, i was 13 and i felt i was too cool for NKOTB. plus my chaperone, my older brother, hated NKOTB and thought all of them were gay(note: in fairness, isa lang ang bading. si jonathan knight :P).

so when i heard that NKOTB was coming with BSB, i knew i had to watch the concert. and i was glad to find out that a lot of my friends wanted to go as well. i was going with keri.

this is embarrassing but keri and i would sing NKOTB songs in the car in anticipation!


we even planned our outfits


and made posters. i personally had all this bottled up NKOTB fandom that was raring to get out of me since i was 12.

and last night was THE night. and thanks to our beloved benefactor for our tickets. <3


honestly, i didn’t care much about BSB. i was there for NKOTB. and the 20+++year wait did not disappoint! they still looked SO GOOD.

dancing to the right stuff! (yes, i know the steps, ok?)

jordan knight looked REALLY HOT.


joey was cute and still hit his notes <3


but the revelation for me is DONNIE WAHLBERG.

photo courtesy of cuisinera‘s instagram.

photo courtesy of cesmnl‘s instagram

photo courtesy of pam pastor‘s instagram

and lest not forget that DONNIE WAHLBERG HUGGED ME!

that’s me on the left!!! photo courtesy of ryangillego‘s instagram

here’s donnie going towards me!

that’s donnie about to hug me(i know, bad photo! but i was going nuts. SORRY)

and here’s me screaming like an idiot after donnie hugged me. yes, i know it’s a bad photo. pero kebs!

i know, why don’t i talk about the performance? it was AMAZING!!! they sang all my favorite songs. it was such an awesome night filled with warm and fuzzy feelings!! it made every girl i knew feel like they were back to being 12 or 13 :) probably one of the most memorable concerts of my life! i wanted to give everybody a hug!

NKOTB singing step by step. <3 <3 <3



unless indicated, photos courtesy of keri zamora.


my friends and i have been obsessively googling nkotb stuff the past few days and sharon sent us this promotional video for the nkotb cruise. and wow. it’s so nakakaloka! like insane! i want to go to one if they have one next year!! AHHH!

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June 4th, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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  1. Like I said, your reaction after Donnie hugged you was priceless. It’s a good thing (is it, really?) that Keri caught the moment.

    PS: I also saw you dancing to The Right Stuff. This concert overall made me see you in a different light. HAHA! 😀


    4 Jun 12 at 9:46 pm

  2. HA! i’m the biggest dork. everybody knows that!!! :)


    4 Jun 12 at 9:51 pm

  3. Kat: I saw her in a different light that night too! LOL! Parang si HULK. I’m kidding 😉


    4 Jun 12 at 10:19 pm

  4. keri – we do this! ((0))


    4 Jun 12 at 10:21 pm

  5. I will never look at his character in Blue Bloods the same way again! I will demand shirtless scenes from the producers from now on. Haha

    And I was the one who screamed “That’s Divasoria” when I saw Donnie hug you. Hahaha


    5 Jun 12 at 10:18 am

  6. I wish I knew you when I was 14!!! You are right — I was born in 1976 and the NKOTB phase hit me hard. When they came to Manila in 1992, it was Valentine’s Day February 14. My dad was the director of TV Patrol then with Angelique Lazo in the showbiz portion of the show. I BEGGED my dad to let me tag along Angelique as she waited in Manila Hotel for NKOTB to arrive. When they finally arrived, Donnie Wahlberg winked at Angelique! Type niya! And then I saw Joey McIntyre by the pool. I saw the rest of them but I was close to hyperventilating when they came in.

    The cancelled the press con because a stalker (not me) was able to get into their room. Talk about drama! My mom chaperoned me to the concert the following day.

    I now live here in the States and have been so lucky to watch them three times! First one was in 2008. Opening act nila was a then-not-famous Lady Gaga. And I was like, “Sino siya? In fairness, feel ko siya!” My hubby was beyond shocked when he saw me lose myself when they came out! Wala nang paki sa mundo!

    Then last year I saw the NKOTBSB concert twice both front row with home made posters too. Sulit na sulit!

    And I am saying all of this because I loved your own NKOTB story — we all have one :-) And somehow when a reunion like this happens, we all feel connected. I am so glad you had your own time to re-live a fun time of our youth.

    And if you ever feel like seeing them here in the States, just send me a message :-)

  7. your NKOTB post made me tear up and smile. ’85 here, Step by Step was my anthem along with Electric Youth.


    5 Jun 12 at 11:55 am

  8. I’ve been waiting for your NKOTBSB post since yesterday hehe include the 1982 kids, I don’t remember much but I love them too! And WOW!!! Donnie hugged you! How well did you sleep last Sunday, if you even did?! It’s like hugging Mark Wahlberg na rin! NKOTB aged better than BSB huh? Jordan is just really hot!!! He’s got the right stuff, baby!


    5 Jun 12 at 1:21 pm

  9. wow so much NKOTB LOVE :) :) :)

    Samantha – what a story! glad to know donnie likes non-caucasians as well! ;P my friends and i were talking about joining the cruise if they have one next year. it looks insane!!!

    neuronshots – wow 1985? baby ka pa!!!

    returnofthepat – i was never donnie girl but man, his body is BEYOND!!! and ang lakas ng sex appeal


    5 Jun 12 at 7:28 pm

  10. I’m a 1978 baby and you’re right, everybody HAD to be an NKOTB fan. And I am so envious!! I’m a Donnie fan since 1989!!! You are so lucky!


    5 Jun 12 at 7:36 pm

  11. Hi Grace! I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and it’s my first time to comment.

    I was born in 1971 (hindi pasok sa age range mo, hehe) but I really LOVE NKOTB!! I went to their concert back in 1992 before I graduated from college that year. I got my tickets for free from a radio contest back then. My kabarkada went with me but she did not appreciate it – KJ talaga. She didn’t understand why the girls at the concert were going gaga over them (me included!!). If she can read your blog, she’ll know why! :-)

    You’re so lucky!!! Wish I were in your shoes, hehe. Ingat!


    5 Jun 12 at 8:55 pm

  12. Watched the Madonna concert in Abu Dhabi on the same day that NKOTB performed in Manila. But you know what? As much as I love Madonna, wish I was in Manila instead for the NKOTB concert! :)

    Love this post! NKOTB fans unite! :)


    6 Jun 12 at 3:47 am

  13. yayyyyy!!! NKOTB LOVE! let’s group hug, girls!! hahahaha :)

    hi chroma – not a donnie girl pero ngayon donnie girl na!! LOL

    hi Ade – you’re the same age as my older cousins and my brother is a few years younger, mga new waver yon. surprised you liked NKOTB! but that’s good! they used to make fun of me for being an NKOTB fan hehehehe

    hi gracita! haha i’ve seen madonna 2x na, so parang..ok, fine. i love her! but well, she’s a fellow woman. i never go crazy like this. iba ang boys!! hahaha nakakabaliw. anyway, i saw photos of the MDNA tour. ang ganda! i’m looking for tickets now. hahaha!


    6 Jun 12 at 5:59 am

  14. Hi Divasoria! I was born in 1989..My intension of going to the concert is to see BSB. But then..I got mesmerized with Donnie’s abs! haha. Instant Donnie girl na rin ako!


    6 Jun 12 at 1:43 pm

  15. Hi! I also didn’t get to see their Manila concert decades ago – probably because I was like 11 and had no money! hahaha! So when they got back together, I knew it was fate (hahaha, corny!) who paved that way. My friend and I saw 2 LA concerts and because of my kapraningan, I went solo to their Hollywood Palladium concert! It really was fun, a total throwback of your tween years! The best part of it all is finding out Joe lives on the same street as my boss and I see him at my coffee place, but im so shy to say hi naman. hahaha ! Anyway this post was super fun to read, as with your glossy series! xo

  16. I still have a NKOTBSB hang-over!!! I am more of a BSB fan, but after the concert, I just loved NKOTB and started looking at their videos and listening to their songs! <3


    7 Jun 12 at 6:28 pm

  17. hahaha i love it!! :) NKOTB converts, Dorina and partylikeroxstar. NKOTB really has more star quality than any other boyband. although i have to say – Justin Timberlake is something else.

    isy – i would totally go crazy if i met joey!

    NKOTB4LIFE!! <3


    8 Jun 12 at 6:12 am

  18. Hey! I am also a fan! And I got a hug from Donnie too!! Nice to read a blog from another NKOTB blockhead!


    8 Jun 12 at 11:38 am

  19. I’m sooooo happy that Manila and the Philippines as a whole got to see NKOTBSB!! I’m not much of a BSB fan… don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great, I’m just bias and believe that everyone pales in comparison to NKOTB!! LOL!! I was about 7-8 years old when I discovered them, as soon as I heard Please Don’t Go Girl on the radio.. I was instantly in love w/ those 5 boys from Boston, most especially Joey McIntyre (those baby blue eyes can make any girl weak in the knees). When I heard that the Philippines was the last stop of the tour I was super excited.. not only for my fellow Filipino fans but I was excited that NKOTB would witness and feel all the love from their fans in the Philippines and judging from the youtube videos I have been watching the Philippines did NOT dissapoint!! I was super excited that I actually considered flying in to catch the show… ok, mostly to visit family members but watching NKOTB perform in my home country woud have made my visit that much sweeter, a visit that’s 10 years long over due!! Need less to say, I didn’t make it because work would not give me the time off… grrrrr!! I was fortunate enought to have seen 8 NKOTB show (2 w/ BSB) since their reunion in 2008 but I believe that seeing them perform in the Philippines would have been one of the best shows I would have seen!! Thank You for showing our “kids” lots of love and support, I’m sure because of it they are sure to come back in a year or so…and I’ll make sure to fly home for it!!

    Yess! you should definitely cruise next year, I have Block Head (as what we NK fans are referred to in the Pop culture world) friends who have cruised with NK the past 3 years and I’ve heard nothing but fun stories. It’s pretty much a big 3 day party on a boat w/ NKOTB walking freely all over the boat, well their bodyguards are never too far behind, some girls tend to get crazy! Their 2012 cruise is actually this weekend and several of my close Block Head friends are going… and I’m super jealous!! But next year’s cruise.. I’m there and hopefully some of you Filipino Block Heads will be too!!

  20. OMG! I also have the same wall poster and magazine!!! Nice to hear from another nkotb fan!!! the best concert ever (probably better than the 1st nkotb concert in rizal stadium)! I actually saw you 2 ladies. I told my sister “Yey they are wearing nkotb shirts!” I myself prepared for the big night with 37 glow sticks all over my neck and wrists, plus a neon poster to match! Was able to touch donnie too (my sister hugged him, sayang!). If joe went to our area, i would have probably fainted! i know you would have too. =)


    12 Jun 12 at 9:24 am

  21. So true! I think I would have fainted had It been Joey or Jordan! But Donnie is totally all right. Hahahaha


    13 Jun 12 at 9:18 am

  22. So glad to see you in the BlockheadsPhilippines group in FB! LOL, mga fan girls talaga! And I think all of us are in our mid-30s na. We have no shame!


    13 Jun 12 at 5:17 pm

  23. I’m not so feverish anymore but I still have an NKOTB tune or two in my head from time to time. And I came across this today teehee http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=428175173869433&set=a.419837051369912.96302.122216637798623&type=3&permPage=1
    So, see you blockheads in next year’s cruise? 😀


    19 Jun 12 at 4:34 pm

  24. Hey there! Fellow Pinay blockhead right here. I live in San Francisco now, but I heard from a friend that NKOTBSB were in the Philippines – so I did some googling and saw the concert on youtube. OMG! Brings back memories! I was 13 years old when I saw their concert at the Rizal Stadium, and seeing them back in Manila (on youtube) performing all the songs that I know by heart made me cry a bit since a flood of my happy childhood came into my head – the feeling of deja vu, happiness, excitement, innocence of days gone by. I’ve been googling around the net for fans sightings of NKOTB in Manila, that’s why I found your wonderful blog.

    They really are ONE OF A KIND compared to other boybands that followed – no offense to BSB because they are good too – it’s just that NKOTB was SUPER DUPER BIG during their heydays. And now that I look back, their songs are not the pop-py kind but as you mentioned – kind of street worthy. Even lots of African American girls were fan of theirs.

    You are so lucky to hug Donnie! And he still looks so hot after all these years. I was really more of a Joey Joe fan who also loved Jordan Knight….but somehow Donnie and his bad boy moves just gets to me, even today!

    Speaking of their 1992 concert, I knew some girls who took pictures of the guys by the pool (at the Manila Hotel). They got to chat with Donnie too.

    To Samantha Johnson – thanks for sharing about that tidbit on Angelique Lazo and Donnie. For years, I’ve been dying to find out if the guys were ever attracted to Filipina women lol.

    Anywas, thanks for sharing your story – and I gotta share this. After watching their concert back in 92, I kept on wishing and hoping they would return…I believed that they would! Then I moved to the US and gave up on their ever visiting Pinas again since they went their own ways…..well….I guess my wish did come true afterall…they did return!


    30 Jun 12 at 12:42 pm

  25. Hey again divasoria, just want you guys to check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvFvRM_8maM NKOTB on the Arsenio Hall Show from the 90s…Donnie and his abs way back then *_*
    Thanks to youtube, now I can see all those old NKOTB stuff I missed out on.

    Ive been wanting to find out if they (NKOTB) enjoyed Manila? It seems like they did this time compared to back in 1992. During their 92 concert, things were breaking apart for them and they were accused on lipsynching. Now, from the clips I saw, they seem to be having a good time. It also helps that Roscoe Umali (the Fil-Am rapper guy in the opening act) and Jabbawockeez are friends with the guys, especially Donnie – there’s that Filipino connection. But then, I also saw the Jakarta videos and they seem to gush about them and how the country is beautiful – and Joe said something about returning to Jakarta.

    Anyways, even though I don’t live in the Philippines anymore, I HOPE they would return SOONER. I hope they spend more time there as well.



    2 Jul 12 at 2:30 pm

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