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NKOTB forever

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i am an NKOTB fanatic. there. i said it!


right before i got into nirvana, pearl jam and sonic youth, i was into the new kids on the block. if you were born between the years of 1976-1981 and went to an all-girls’ school, you were bound to have had an NKOTB phase. anybody who says otherwise is a COMPLETE LIAR. it was inescapable for my generation of girls.

the topic of discussion would always involve who was the cutest new kid and who was your favorite. most girls were either for jordan or joey, the more adventurous ones would take donnie or jonathan. the one who chose danny didn’t exactly have any other choice 😀

i’ve always been the joey mcintyre girl- he was the youngest in the group and had the prettiest big blue eyes and cutest curly brown hair. totally adorable! interestingly, most of my crushes from that period were a filipino-mestizo derivative of joey mcintyre. LOL.


one of the biggest reasons why i liked NKOTB is that their style was pretty street – they wore leather jackets and ripped jeans. and they were “tough” (yes, hence hangin’ tough!). i probably spent a good fraction of my allowance on buying BOP and tigerbeat covers of NKOTB. any mention of NKOTB on those magazines, i needed to have it.


this whole thing happened between the ages of 11-12. NKOTB came to the philippines for a concert in 1992. by that time, i was 13 and i felt i was too cool for NKOTB. plus my chaperone, my older brother, hated NKOTB and thought all of them were gay(note: in fairness, isa lang ang bading. si jonathan knight :P).

so when i heard that NKOTB was coming with BSB, i knew i had to watch the concert. and i was glad to find out that a lot of my friends wanted to go as well. i was going with keri.

this is embarrassing but keri and i would sing NKOTB songs in the car in anticipation!


we even planned our outfits


and made posters. i personally had all this bottled up NKOTB fandom that was raring to get out of me since i was 12.

and last night was THE night. and thanks to our beloved benefactor for our tickets. <3


honestly, i didn’t care much about BSB. i was there for NKOTB. and the 20+++year wait did not disappoint! they still looked SO GOOD.

dancing to the right stuff! (yes, i know the steps, ok?)

jordan knight looked REALLY HOT.


joey was cute and still hit his notes <3


but the revelation for me is DONNIE WAHLBERG.

photo courtesy of cuisinera‘s instagram.

photo courtesy of cesmnl‘s instagram

photo courtesy of pam pastor‘s instagram

and lest not forget that DONNIE WAHLBERG HUGGED ME!

that’s me on the left!!! photo courtesy of ryangillego‘s instagram

here’s donnie going towards me!

that’s donnie about to hug me(i know, bad photo! but i was going nuts. SORRY)

and here’s me screaming like an idiot after donnie hugged me. yes, i know it’s a bad photo. pero kebs!

i know, why don’t i talk about the performance? it was AMAZING!!! they sang all my favorite songs. it was such an awesome night filled with warm and fuzzy feelings!! it made every girl i knew feel like they were back to being 12 or 13 :) probably one of the most memorable concerts of my life! i wanted to give everybody a hug!

NKOTB singing step by step. <3 <3 <3



unless indicated, photos courtesy of keri zamora.


my friends and i have been obsessively googling nkotb stuff the past few days and sharon sent us this promotional video for the nkotb cruise. and wow. it’s so nakakaloka! like insane! i want to go to one if they have one next year!! AHHH!

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