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Mara Coson is part of the recent crop of repatriates who have come back to the philippines to pursue their passion. She is a fiction writer for both print and online media publications ranging from culture magazines to literary journals such Rogue, Preview, Esquire, GMANews, Broadsheet Melbourne, and Voiceworks. Currently, she writes a regular column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In 2011, she was included in the Melbourne’s Emerging Writers’ Festival and is now in the process of completing her first novella.

She has an ongoing online project called the Grim Repat, these are collections of short videos chronicling the emotional, mental and cultural experience of moving back to the Philippines.



I really just use soap and shampoo. Cetaphil and St. Ives I use just for when I pop into Watson’s to pass time (and so I don’t have to move the Aesop bottle back and forth from my sink at seven in the morning!).

Clear shampoo to be honest has never worked well with my hair. But this is why I use it—it doesn’t give me that smooth no-buhaghag television hair that would have led me to look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. A bad hair day for a lot of people is to me most tolerable.

That strange translucent yellow bar is actually soap from Ritual, which is a tiny little shop I’ve recently described this way: a responsibly-sourced shop of local produce that sweats for the claim ‘made in the Philippines’. And because I trust the shop so much I had myself a slice off the soap block called My Little Secret (or something like that). It has lemongrass in it. There are other soap blocks you can pick from—Ritual takes the time to tell you what each of them can do for your skin. But frankly, I picked this just because it smelled nice.


Aesop’s clinical look has always appealed to me; I interpret its coldness with this steely cleanliness that I can’t find in other brands. No fuss, low foam. I use ‘Fabulous Face Cleanser’. I’m not one for beauty advice but I highly recommend this. It’s often the best part of my morning—and helps me reconcile with my alarm clock. Afterwards I seal the deal with ‘Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream’. Thanks to being desk-bound very often under air-conditioning my face dries up easy—but it’s an excuse to keep using Aesop I guess.

Sorry if you noticed, but there’s a print out of a MAC eyeliner. The real-life one that I had ran out a few weeks ago—but I’ve been using MAC for quite some time, I just haven’t replaced the last one for weeks. The last shade I used was Photogravure. It’s all the make-up I usually put on, and so these days I haven’t been wearing make-up. I think I’m considered low-maintenance.

That’s a Bare Escentuals brush that I use with the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural when I feel pale. But it’s all a matter of lighting isn’t it? So I don’t really use it much actually. I borrow my sister’s make up when I really have to.

Then that gray disc is Gatsby Grunge Mat, and I’ve been using for years. It’s hardly fancy. I usually pick one or two up in Watson’s at Singapore airport—I like the subtle boof I get from it. Everything else I tried before made me look like I endorse floor wax.


YSL L’Homme. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it smells like heaven’s laundry. The search effort for a new scent was as overpowering as the kind of scent reserved for former opera singers—so I picked up my brother’s and eventually bought my own. I don’t really believe in the gendered scent division, I just believe in smelling something nice when I breathe in.

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