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PR maven ginggay joven-dela merced is the general manager of top public relations and special events company Visions and Expressions, one of the country’s premiere firms handling renowned brands including chanel, muji, polo ralph lauren, rustan’s, etc. This former Youngstar and Teen magazine editor is a certified superwoman juggling her career, marriage and motherhood. No wonder she only has 15 minutes to spare for her beauty regimen.


I brag about my ability to get ready in 15 minutes. And that’s regardless if I’m going to work, a cocktail, a formal event or playtime with kids.
I always thought I was one of the most low maintenance women I knew. Thanks to Divasoria for asking me to do this Glossy, my notion of that has been totally shattered.
How I can get ready so swiftly with all that I plunk and chuck onto myself leaves me dumbfounded. I suppose when you’re twisting and twirling daily, tensely juggling work and play, I’m left with not much of a choice but to master the art of being done in 15 minutes.

Here’s my routine…timer starts now…

Minute 1:
Shampoo – I use Stieprox, which is a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo. I like seeing uniform containers in the shower so I use refillable containers from Muji. It’s a little bit of OCD but I’m not that bad. My alternate shampoos are Tigi S-Factor and Dove Hair.

ginggay 1

Minute 2:
Conditioner – My all-time favorite is still Cream Silk. I put on so much I finish about a tube a week. My alternative conditioners are the Muji Seaweed Conditioner, Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, and Tigi S-Factor.

ginggay 2

Minute 3-5:
Body Wash – I’m a body wash slut. I’ll use whatever. Most often though I use Dove Go Fresh but any wash or shower gel will do, although I particularly love the scents of Karma from Lush, L’Occitane Verbena Shower Gel, and Bliss Lemon+Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash+Bubbling Bath. Anything really…except anything Vanilla-scented.
I exfoliate every Saturday. I use Phytomer Purifying Gommage Exfoliant, although I think I should discover a new one cause it’s so damn hard to find.
Feminine Wash – Woman by Lactacyd
Body Moisture – Dove Go Fresh for moisture, Bloom Instant Bronzing Gel Shimmer, and Model Co Airbrush Illuminser
Deodorant – Dove Go Fresh

ginggay 3

Minute 5-12:
Hair – I put on Dove’s Intense Repair leave-on treatment and serum to my towel dry hair then I immediately abuse it my rapidly drying with the warmest and strongest setting on the hairdryer so I can either straighten or curl it immediately.

ginggay 4

I’ve had the same Babyliss flat and curling irons for years. I should buy new ones actually. People think you need forever to iron or curl your hair. It takes me no more than four minutes. I section my thick hair four ways and voila! If you want it perfect, of course, it’s going to take longer. Luckily for me I suppose, my hair is obedient. I don’t need to put mousse or hairspray for it to follow, although I rarely would if I need my hair curls to last long.

ginggay 5

Minute 13:
Skin – I’ve tried most of the insanely expensive skincare products in the market. As it turns out, my skin luckily agrees with the less expensive. I use Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream, Serum, and Eye Cream. I bicycle with the Pond’s Gold Radiance line.

ginggay 6

I only do basic makeup at home. Primarly just skin makeup. I wish I had better skin. Unfortunately, my puberty had extended itself onto my 30s. So foundation, concealer, and powder are my best friends.
Foundation – I recently switched to Koh Gen Do’s liquid foundation OC 1 from Beauty Bar. I’m super loving it. Japanese really know how to come up with the best products. Before this, I only used Kanebo and Shu Uemura.
Concealer – Chuvaness introduced me to Boing # 2 by Benefit. But I think the Koh Gen Do concealer works better for me.
Powder – I have three I rotate: Cover FX M50 which I found in Sephora, Mac NS40, and Koh Gen Do.

ginggay 7

Then I’m out the door. Color I add in the car.
Blush and Bronzer – For my skin tone, what works best are the Mac Bronze, Mac Pink Glow, Chanel Platinum Powder, and Mac Bronzing Powder.

ginggay 8

Eye Shadows – I have a lot! And I mean, a lot! But I usually stick to neutrals. And if I add color, it’s usually in the pink to purple range. I like Chanel, Mac, and Shu Uemura the most.
Eye Liners – I have sleepy eyes. So this is a necessity. We don’t want people I meet thinking they bore me to death, right? To say I hoard eye pencils and liquid liners would be an understatement.
Lashes – Shu Uemura, is there any other?

ginggay 8

Lips – Whoever created the lipstick and lip gloss should be canonized a saint. Majority of my lip faves are from Mac, Chanel, and Sephora. I love the colors Angel, Up the Amp, Impassioned, Girl Next Door, Fabby, Captive, and Russian Red. I super love the Plushglasses of Mac especially the Pretty Plush and Plush For You. And my current favorite is Japanese Spring by Daphne Guinness for Mac.

ginggay 9

Fragrance – For daily use, I use Tova influenced by a high school friend so it’s been my scent for that long. To change it up a bit, I use Stella In Two Peony and Hermes Un Jardin So Le Toit. My evening scent is Spring Flower by Creed.

ginggay 10

Makeup Remover – For the eyes, I use the Mac Eye Makeup Remover. For skin, I use Cetaphil and Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water. It’s a miracle product really, if you ask me.

ginggay 11

Nail Polish – I don’t wear polish for my fingernails, just my feet. I have been using Chanel’s 143 Rose Des Vents, the same color I’ve been using for some 7-8 years I think.

I get a religious foot scrub and pedicure every two weeks, which is such a chore cause salons and spas bore me to death unlike most women who absolutely love the relaxation of these places. I’m always finding myself asking, “Aren’t we done yet?” I say it’s for hygiene the twice a month I endure going to a salon.
I get my nails done, threading, hair treatment, and everything I need to get done. That takes a good two hours…more than enough time to catch up reading gossip magazines.
All these and I still look like this. I suppose that’s why I thought I was low maintenance.

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  1. Oh my, Ginggay! I love this! Ultimate beauty secrets revealed! =D

    Topaz Horizon

    22 Feb 12 at 5:50 pm

  2. i love dove shampoo! ang lambot sa hair. since it’s summer na can you also do a beach essentials feature or “what’s in your beach bag?” aside from glossy hehe


    28 Feb 12 at 11:50 am

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