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Last Saturday

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we went to white space to have lunch at the pepato pop-up and to view nikki luna‘s new project.

Manila Contemporary

the concept of nikki’s work for this exhibit is pretty interesting – she collected various symbolic objects from women who have experienced abuse and she placed them inside pieces of handmade soap.

Manila Contemporary

to discover each object, one must pick a bar of soap and then wash the hands. there was a basin filled with water on the side of the soap “wall”.

Manila Contemporary

no one bar of soap was the same.

Manila Contemporary

here are some of the artwork in exhibit at the site.

Manila Contemporary

Manila Contemporary

Manila Contemporary

Manila Contemporary
Whitespace 2314, Chino Roces Avenue
Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 8447328

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glossy features anna oposa

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Anna Oposa is just 23 years old, but she is one to watch out for. She is a freelance writer, musical theatre performer and a noted environmentalist, co-founding projects such as the Isko cleans UP, a movement she started as an undergraduate that helps implement waste management at UP Diliman and Save Philippine Seas, a movement to protect the richest marine life in the world. These activities have lead her to different countries talking about green initiatives in the Philippines and has been a delegate to the British Council’s Global Changemakers Summit as well as the Philippine youth representative to the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia has hailed Anna as one of the 7 inspiring modern-day Filipinos for her efforts in environmental conservation. She now works at the Law of Nature Foundation as the officer-in-charge of Environmental Policy and Law Compliance.

How’s that for somebody who just graduated from college? Yep, don’t you feel accomplished? 😀


There is a stereotype that environmentalists are tree-hugging hippies who have unkempt clothes and are mabaho. I’d like to think that this isn’t the case for me, because, well, I don’t think I’ve ever even hugged a tree, and I use a lot of products that smell GREAT! I must admit, though, that I always try to assess the “environmental impact” of the products I buy and consume. This means that as much as possible, I purchase products that are made in and sourced from the Philippines to decrease my carbon footprint, encourage livelihoods and support the local economy.

My (non-sectarian) prayers were answered when I heard about echostore and Human Nature, which are pro-Filipino, pro-poor, and pro-environment. Their products are of world-class quality and yet very affordable. I’m saying this now because most of the stuff in my bathroom and bag are from Human Nature or echostore. They’re like my one-stop shops for toiletries. I’m always on the lookout for companies like that.


Z.E.N. Coconut Shampoo and Human Nature Moisturizing conditioner: I’ve never had my hair colored/permed/rebonded, but I’m always under the sun, so I need to keep my hair as healthy as possible by using shampoo made of natural ingredients. The sweet, coconut scent of my shampoo instantly brings me to a beach, where I spend weekends scuba diving or summers teaching kids. Available at the echostore. My favorite part about my conditioner is the instruction: “Leave on for a whole song or two for maximum effect.”
Victoria’s Secret Pink, Energizing Body Wash Citrus Mint: “Think green. Live Pink!” it says. 100% vegan ingredients and not tested on animals. At the back, it says, “Made with peace, Love, and Happiness.” TRUE STORY.
Human Nature Feminine Wash: It’s comforting to know that whatever touches my vajayjay has no harmful chemicals.
Dove facial foam, cucumber and green tea: Unilever’s CSR department supports projects of the NGO I work for, so we’re given a lot of Unilever products. This is my favorite because it smells fresh.


Human Nature sunflower cleansing oil: BEST. MAKEUP. REMOVER. EVER.
Lubriderm Daily Moisture: I mix strong, floral-scented lotions I receive as gifts with this neutral scent (para hindi sayang).
Nivea Fresh Natural deodorant: This type of bottle is really hard to recycle (SORRYYYY) but I don’t like stick deodorants because they feel… Unhygenic. This is the Ocean scent so it smells like a beach and sunblock. (Obviously I was a mermaid in my past life.)
Celeteque moisturizer: It’s not lotion-based, so it dries faster and doesn’t feel sticky.
Human Nature citronella bug spray: One of their best selling products! 100% of the proceeds go straight to the farmers. Whenever I use it my brother says I smell like a candle hahahaha.
Coppertone Kids (sunscreen stick) and Shiseido Anessa: I love my dark skin but I hate sunburn, so these are always with me when I hit the beach. I stole the former from my mom and bought the latter in Japan.
Dental floss: Because a person’s smile is his/her greatest asset!
Playtex tampons – So that the biodegradable (the tampon itself) and non-biodegradable parts (plastic applicator) are separated, unlike with napkins. I’ve seen sanitary napkins 80 feet underwater. GROSS.

I did a lot of musical theatre performances for about 11 years, which explains my mirror and the huge makeup case on the left. The polka-dotted object is my iPod speakers, because I do my ablutions with music.

Since I hardly perform anymore, my makeup kit has shrunk to this:



Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil: Pocket size, to fix smudges.
L’Oreal True Match Foundation: For some reason, it’s so hard for morenas to find the right shades! It took me a long time to find foundation that didn’t make me look like an espasol.
Milea mineral eyeshadow in blue and gold: Just discovered this Filipino brand recently.
Gino McGray eyeshadow in purple and green: from Thailand.
Lancome eyeshadow (one in 7 shades, another in 4), blush (2 shades), lipstick (two shades): All bought from my last trip to New York. Still on the lookout for good, locally made makeup. Maybe I’ll try the Human Nature line when these are done na.
Fanny Serrano eyelash curler: THIS IS BETTER THAN SHU UEMURA!!!


The pouch I use for my cosmetics is made of recycled tetra packs, a gift from a friend :) In it are Bobbi Brown lipstick, IN2IT waterproof eyeliner (black) brown eyeliner from The Face Shop, spare tampons, and sparkly hair ties/hairbands to keep my hair out of my face when I run or do yoga.
Maybelline Volum’ Express cat eyes waterproof mascara: I love its unique wand. The “waterproof” part is necessary because I cry at just about everything from pictures of dead sharks to seeing a nice coastal area.
Human Nature Choco Vanilla and Peppermint lip balms: Choice depends on mood.
Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer: The smell reminds me of Halls or Maxx. I almost finished an entire bottle when I was in India for a week!

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in the bag

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inthebag copy

despite my mission to be a simple girl, i can’t seem to let go of a few things like being a bag lady. maybe it’s the new yorker in me, i tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink with me everywhere. a fear of the apocalypse? maybe. but here are the things in my bag:

1 – kleenex tissue – i miss my beloved puffs, but according to CVS, they are available in true value. lemme check that.

2- my tiny canon ixus – yep, all my photos are taken with this camera because i believe it’s the photographer, not the camera, that makes for great pictures. hehehe.

3 – muji wallet – i know it’s huge and it’s just muji, but i love this as it has a lot of card slots, compartments and a mesh coin zip in between. really great!

4 – sunglasses – my eyes are pretty sensitive to light plus it’s great to wear when you people watch.

5 – group of stuff #1 – inside my armani beauty make up case are essentials – lighter, mints, eos lip balm(love!), j&j cologne, berocca(weary bones), hand sanitizer

6 – group of stuff #2 – blackberry charger(BB battery life sucks, but i still love it 😛 ), house keys, rosary, moleskine notebook and my trusty pilot v5

7 – group of stuff #3 – i call this the “technology” pack – smart bro dongle, lego brick ipod speakers(you never know when there’s a party and they need your iPod!), 16gB USB memory stick, in-ear headphones, ipod, itrip

8 – kikay kit – my usuals plus a bottle of particuliere. read somewhere that this chick brings a bottle of her favorite nail polish around because what if you get bored and you want your nails done and the nail place has lousy colors? 😀 works for me!

9 – eco bag – this cute one is from the grande epicerie! looks like an actual grocery bag.

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a taste of new england

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Lobster Roll

prior visits to lusso were lackluster, to say the least, so i was pleasantly surprised to discover a more diverse and “pragmatic” menu on a recent trip. i decided to try their lobster and prawn rolls.

a new england staple, a traditional lobster roll is just freshly cooked lobster tossed in mayonnaise with a little bit of seasoning in a toasted hotdog bun. lusso’s version is made up of chunky lobster and prawns in homemade mayo, which made the big difference. it was fresh tasting and subtle in its flavors without the overpowering presence of old bay seasoning! it came in a buttered, crusty kaiser roll with a side salad and a cup of truffle potato crisps.

G/F greenbelt 5
(02) 756-5893

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glossy features christina dy

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cd - profile

Christina Dy, or CD as she is called, is an accomplished artist known for her massive charcoal pieces. She has held solo exhibits here and abroad including a residency in Australia. In 2010, she participated in Busan Biennale, a prominent art event held in Korea featuring contemporary Asian art. Another interesting facet about CD is her love for pole dancing. She is the founder of Polecats – the premiere pole-dancing performing group and academy in the Philippines.

Currently, CD is working on new projects including a collaboration with photographer Corinne de San Jose in October. Also, she is in the middle of preparing for Polecat Manila’s 2nd Anniversary pole concert with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, happening on October 16th at the Philamlife Theater.


I like keeping things simple, and that applies to my beauty routine. It’s quite a challenge, considering my career as a pole dancer. How do you keep things simple when your job is to create drama and fantasy? :)

Here are some guidelines I try to follow :

– My makeup needs to fit in one small bag that I can take with me to gigs. If it doesn’t fit into that bag, I don’t buy it.
– I don’t like having a lot of things (my brain cannot keep inventory!)– so I use up my supply before buying new ones.
– I don’t believe in buying expensive makeup; I think most drugstore brands will do the work. Except for lipstick– this one is worth spending for, especially for shows.

CD - photo 1

I use Human Nature products- shampoo/body wash, conditioner, feminine wash, face wash. I’m allergic to a lot of things, including strong chemicals and scents, so my bath products have to be as simple as possible.

I recently got this Belle & Cat butterscotch body wash as a gift, and it’s awesome — it smells so good I want to eat myself. Haha.

CD - photo 2

I can’t use lotions since I pole everyday. I can’t use lotions when I draw as well– the oils on my hand mix with the charcoal and get on the paper, and I don’t like the consistency. So the rare times that I do use lotion, I just use gifts and freebies.

I’ve used The Body Shop’s White Musk since the 90s (ok now I feel old!), and it’s the only scent I’ve ever liked.

p.s. Rain (as in the Korean star of Ninja Assasin!) is the name of my pole. PolecatsManila company manager Myla gifted me with RAIN stickers and so I just put RAIN stickers on all my stuff.

CD - photo 3

All my makeup fits into the small pouch from Beabi. Well, except my falsies (right now I have 8 packs). I always have a stash in my bag for last minute gigs.

CD - photo 4

L-R, top to bottom:
Max Factor foundation ( a gift), Neutrogena powder (a gift again!), Bench clay-doh.
Neutrogena blush (a gift), Chapstick, MAC russian red ( a gift), Revlon Colorstay lipstick.
Elf eyebrow set, Etude House eyeshadow quad, Pond’s cold cream. falsies, Shawill gold eyeliner, Maybelline eyeliner. Shawill brushes and a generic sharpener.

DAY– i just put on Maybelline’s 2-in-1 impact shadow liner by Eyestudio and that’s it. I look sleepy without eyeliner! (See how short the eyeliner is already, since I use it everyday.) I love this eyeliner– it has gotten me through death and breakups without smudging!

NIGHT- I use this eyeshadow quad from Etude House- I bought this in Korea, for the opening of the Busan Biennale last year, because I forgot to pack makeup.

SHOW– depends on the look of the group. But always– falsies! I usually layer 2 sets for maximum effect. Falsies are the quickest way to add drama. I buy mine from Landmark at Php50-70 each.

Also, strong brows are good for shows. I use elf’s brow set– it’s inexpensive and does the job.

For red lips, I love russian red from MAC. Looks great on stage, in photos, and lasts a whole show.

Shows are also the only time I wear foundation/powder.

If there’s a special makeup requirement for a show– say, gold eyeliner, glitters, pink lipstick– usually there’s one Polecat who buys it and we all share it. That way we don’t spend a lot for something that we won’t use often.

To take it all off– good ol’ Ponds.

CD - photo 5

I have four nail polish colors– red, pink, gold– colors we usually use for shows. And black/deep purple– I use when I’m working on a charcoal mural, just to hide my dirty nails.

I rarely go for mani/pedi– only for shoots, and special shows, and I go to Belle & Cat for that.

Cut by Drea Zulueta of Straight n Smooth. I don’t have a hairdryer, not even a hair brush. With my hair now I can just get out of the shower and go.

Hmmm, after writing this, I realize my beauty routine is dictated by my pole career! Haha.

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