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i watched the documentary “annie leibovitz :life through a lens” last night on a recommendation of a friend and i was completely riveted. the film starts with annie’s mother’s penchant for taking photos and her memories of the family’s time moving around in the clan’s station wagon. the story also mentions her time in the philippines as her dad was in the military during the late 60s.

the documentary also spent a good amount of time talking about her start in photography with the legendary magazine rolling stone.


annie lived the life only “kids” like me could dream of – meet influential people, go around the world with rock stars. but it also came with trying to keep up with a very self-destructive lifestyle.


but her most prolific era is her time with the conde nast magazines – vanity fair, vogue, w, etc. some of the most iconic images of our time are annie leibovitz photographs.





i was also very touched by her life spent with susan sontag – one of the brightest literary minds of the last century. there was something fascinating about two geniuses getting together.


but what ultimately breaks my heart about annie’s story, and it wasn’t quite discussed in the documentary, is her financial issues culminating with protracted legal battles a few years ago. business and art oftentimes do not mix.

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August 29th, 2011 at 11:15 am

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  1. Hi, Grace. I’ve watched this docu too. I love her work. Try watching William Eggleston in the Real World 2005 documentary.


  2. thanks for the tip!


    31 Aug 11 at 6:04 am

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