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the juju cleanse experience

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i have been meaning to do some sort of cleansing since i came back from europe, primarily because as much as i have a regular exercise routine, i still do indulge. i figured you can only achieve true fitness/health if you work on both internal and external aspects of your body.(i know, sounds positively horse crap. but yah.) and i am not getting any younger. a lot of my friends have been going through some sort of juice cleanse, so i researched it and i found a local delivery service called juju cleanse.

full disclosure – i am queen kranky kong if you leave me starving so i had to plan this whole cleanse thing perfectly. i figured, i can’t do it on a weekday because i’d probably end up screaming at every other person at work. that’s not a pleasant experience and i also figured i needed a full night’s rest before i do this.

and since i’m a scaredy cat, i decided to try a 1-day, level 2 cleanse on a sunday.

Juju Cleanse

i ordered my juju cleanse kit last thursday but since i was doing it on a sunday, i got the kit late saturday afternoon from the QC pick-up point. do note that you can have this delivered if you’re in the general makati area. the kit came in an insulated container with the 6 juices, an instruction pack and loose mint leaves.

Juju Cleanse

on the day of your cleanse, you have to drink mint tea before you start with the juices.

Juju Cleanse

i thought the kit itself was pretty “sossy”. if you’re doing a 3-day cleanse, you can bring this container around and they even provide a fake ice pack so that your juices remain chilled.

Juju Cleanse

for the whole day, you need to drink 6 juices on designated times. that’s 7:30am,10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm and 8pm.

Juju Cleanse

you’re given 6 juices to take in the whole day:

1. green bomb – green leafy veggies
2. alkazest – grapefruit, pineapple and coconut
3. red giant – beets, carrots, pineapple and ginger
4. spicy lemonade – lemons and cayenne pepper (very master cleanse)
5. salaba’t lemon – ginger and lemon

the green bomb wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, i was not a fan of the salaba’t lemon though. the first half of the day wasn’t so bad as i was just vegging out(literally) but i had a growing headache. an important tip, don’t go out drinking the night before because i did and i couldn’t figure out if i was hungover or just plain hungry. also drink loads of water in between, it helps in controlling the headache.

how do i feel? as i type this(just drank the last juice), i feel like crap. it’s supposed to be the “healing process” as my body is trying to eliminate toxins. but it’s honestly not as bad as i thought.

would i do it again? yes! i feel lighter, although my mom thought i looked “dead”. HAHAHA. i do want to challenge myself and do the full three days. so when is the next three-day weekend?

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