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Who is Arcade Fire?

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Arcade Fire for On the Radar

As the Grammys were winding down last February, I saw a Facebook status that said: “Arcade Fire won Album of the Year and why don’t I know them?”

The same sentiment echoed throughout the Internet culminating in a Tumblr account, whoisarcadefire.tumblr.com — a website that posted tweets of the bewildered worldwide audience.

So really, who is Arcade Fire?

Formed in 2001 by Win Butler, the Montreal-based band is one of the biggest acts in the “indie” rock scene. Through the years, Arcade Fire has gone through personnel changes but in its most current form, it is made up of eight musicians: Win Butler and wife Regine Chassagne, Will Butler, Richard Reed Perry, Jeremy Gara, Sarah Neufeld, Tim Kingsbury, and Marika Anthony-Shaw.

Known for their guerilla-style gigs around Montreal and New York City, the band made its recording debut in 2004 with Funeral which produced hits like Wake Up and Rebellion, garnering critical and commercial success. Soon after, they followed it up with “Neon Bible” which has led them to open for U2 and headline musical festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Reading and Leeds.

Their coup de grâce is 2010’s “The Suburbs” making it the no. 1 record in the US charts and winning this year’s Grammy for “Album the Year.”

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler spoke exclusively to On the Radar about Eminem, their recording process and touring, among other things.

ON THE RADAR: Your album “Suburbs” hit no. 1 in album sales and won this year’s Grammy, how do you feel about your critical and commercial success? I also read somewhere that you beat Eminem on both attempts?

Will Butler: We beat Eminem to number one when we were on our first week and he was on his sixth week. One week later he was back at the top. But I’m not going to lie — it still felt good. It was a close one, too. The word on the street was that he had won but we squeaked by because people had underestimated independent record stores.As far as the rest of the success, it feels very good. We always claim that we make the music we make because we like it but it’s certainly very affirming to know that other people like it, too. And that makes it a lot easier to keep making music when you can make a good living out of it. We feel very grateful and a little almost confused, like, “Who, us? You like?” whenever we hear people’s reaction to our music.

Arcade Fire - Marseille
photo by anton corbijn

for more of my interview for on the radar, please check out this link.

To know more about Arcade fire, visit their website www.arcadefire.com.

Thanks to Dounia Mikou of Quest Management for making this interview possible.

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