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the secret to success? be a diva

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i like strong and intelligent women and that’s why i love barbra streisand, madonna and lady gaga. i know some of my friends hate it that i love these women so much and some even think they’re trash but i really don’t care. hehehe. and this 60-minutes clip proves to me(and i hope to the rest of you naysayers) why they’re on top of their game.

based on that video, all three women controlled everything about their interviews – stage direction, lighting, etc. these girls know that image is everything and controlling every bit of it is a key to their success. that’s why i think performers like christina aguilera and britney spears need to learn a thing or two from gaga, mado and barang. and maybe even the rest of us need to learn as well.

Written by divasoria

April 8th, 2011 at 9:24 am