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This week’s first glossy feature is Yvette Tan. She is a multi-awarded horror writer and has had her work published in Manila Times, Uno Magazine, Rogue Magazine, The Philippine Free Press, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, among others. She has also released her first anthology “Waking The Dead” from Anvil Publishing in 2009.

Yvette is also a freelance writer who has written articles on food, travel, beauty, showbiz for publications such as Asian Traveler, Appetite, Preview, The Philippine Star and Metro Home.

PHEW! In other words, one of the coolest chicks this side of the Pacific.


There are two things that I’m currently trying to reconcile within myself:

First, that I’m working towards a life of voluntary simplicity, which means paring down by physical possessions. Some folks own less than a hundred items on purpose. While I don’t think I could be that extreme, my quest for a minimalist lifestyle has resulted in a massive purge of clothes, shoes, books, makeup and toiletries, a purge which is still ongoing because I still think I own too much stuff. The rubber duckie doesn’t count though. He’s family.

Second, that living a simple life is extremely hard. It’s not because we live in a consumerist society that’s constantly bombarded with advertising, because advertising never held much sway for me, anyway. In fact, it’s a lack of advertising that’s more likely to draw me to a product. I guess I’m just contrary that way. No, what makes paring down my clothes, bags, shoes and makeup is the simple fact that even though I don’t look it, even though most days, I step out of the house looking like I had just wandered in after a night in the gutter, I am terribly, terribly kikay.

This is what I’ve come up with after a year of deliberating on how to best live simply without giving up the things I love.

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A. Skincare


My basics consist of everything Leyende. I love the brand. It’s organic, is handmade by disadvantaged women who have been given a second chance at life, is packaged in recycled and recyclable containers. Eco-conciousness aside, it’s also the only brand that doesn’t make me break out.

I use Clean Slate multi-purpose cleanser as a face wash and makeup remover, followed by The Way You Make Me Feel (not shown), a thick body lotion that I use on my face as well.

I use Clear and Present shampoo on my hair, followed by Taming of the Do conditioner. I love their clean scent. C&P is literally the only other shampoo I can use aside from Head and Shoulders (whose mint variant I also love) that won’t give me dandruff.

I am a big body wash addict, and the old me would have had five or six different body washes and scrubs. Right now, I’m loving the mint version of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, both because it’s incredibly minty and fun to use, and also because you can apparenty use it for everything from bathing to laundry to clening your teeth (not that I’ve tried). I guess I just like the idea of using products that can multi-task. On the left side is my deodorant, whose grapefruit scent I like, and on the left side is soap from Ilog Maria for my feminine bits. I also have some scrubs lying around that aren’t in the picture.

B. Makeup


I am quite proud of having reduced what used to be a large bag full of makeup to these basics:

I never leave the house without tinted moisturizer (not shown – still deciding on which brand suits me best. So far, my favorite is Bobbi Brown), mascara and lip balm. I love Smith’s Rosebud Salve again, because it can do so many things besides moisturize my lips.

MAC Studio Fix, a wet and dry foundation for either full or sheer coverage, depending on what I need.

For my cheeks, I use either NARS Multiple in Orgasm (I have one in Palm Beach that I keep in the office for emergencies) or Benefit Coralista (though I prefer The 10 more). I don’t usually wear shadow but when I do, I use my Du Wop Rose palette, which has everything I need for a basic eye or if I want something more dramatic, I use my G*lish green palette, which I can’t bear to throw out because the line has been discontinued and the colors look wonderful on me. I use The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizer to either set my makeup or cool me down on hot days.

Quite a long explanation for so few products. I’m still trying to streamline my beauty regimen some more but so far, there is nothing on this list that I cannot live without.

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  1. I loved her book and I wish she could blog again.


    30 Mar 11 at 8:21 am

  2. i just wanted to say that i really love your blog and your glossy series. more posts please!


    30 Mar 11 at 8:34 am

  3. awww thank you guys! 🙂


    30 Mar 11 at 8:35 am

  4. I love her philosophy and mission of simplicity. I am guilty of having so many body washes, haircare and skincare stuff in my bathroom (which is tiny to begin with) and really, the thought of minimizing all my possessions is scary.

    But I have to admire Yvette’s perseverance in paring down her material possessions to simple necessities. Tama siya. Advertising does bombard us and it also encourages vanity and hoarding.

    Thanks again, divasoria, for a wonderful glossy feature, and this time with a mission! I wonder if Yvette’s glossy feature will be the most minimalist of the lot? 🙂


    30 Mar 11 at 11:46 am

  5. yay! yvette rocks 🙂


    30 Mar 11 at 1:08 pm

  6. I really liked this Glossy post. As a non-makeup junkie, I find seeing people’s makeup collection and keeping track of what this or that does dizzying. (I know and I understand that that for the user, she has her whole regimen down to pat and it feels like second nature using 21 products on her face.)


    1 Apr 11 at 8:32 pm

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