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Reliving past glories with STP

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Stone Temple Pilots (4)

They say trends come in 20-year cycles, so it’s not surprising to see the ‘90s coming back.

I have so many happy memories of that decade where I watched Reality Bites and Singles over and over; worshiped Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke; waited for episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, My So-called Life and Party of Five; shopped at Contempo Casuals, Rampage and even Hot Topic.

I was fascinated with tattoos and body piercing; wore the Doc Martens and the boyfriend jeans until they had holes in them; had super-thin eyebrows and lined my lips with MAC’s Spice lip liner.

I was proudly a quintessential ‘90s chick. But more than the fashion and TV, what really takes me back is the music.

I was in seventh grade when I discovered Nirvana and sold my Madonna-loving, Debbie Gibson-dancing and NKOTB-obsessed tween soul to depressive rock stars who didn’t seem to shower and would scream-growl through their songs. There was something about angry and loud music that mixed well with teenage angst.

I took in the whole grunge pseudo counter-culture completely.

I would lock myself up in my room and listen to NU 107, MTV’s Alternative Nation and 120 minutes.

And one of the bands I adored was Stone Temple Pilots.

Stone Temple Pilots (2)

When I heard news about their concert in Manila, I knew I had to be there. Now I know how our parents feel whenever Trini Lopez or the Beach Boys fly in for a concert.

Stone Temple Pilots (or more popularly known as STP) is a California-based band lead by Scott Weiland on vocals, the DeLeo brothers Dean and Robert on bass and lead guitars, and Eric Kretz on drums. STP was one of the proponents of modern rock in the early ‘90s along with Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

When their debut album “Core” was released in 1992 it sold 40 million copies worldwide. They followed up “Core” with “Purple” in 1994, debunking the “sophomore slump” myth to win the Best Hard Rock Performance award at the Grammys in the same year.

The band has gone through their highs and lows with Scott Weiland’s well-documented drug woes, leading to a break-up in 2003 when Scott decided to join Velvet Revolver, a superband composed of Guns n’ Roses’ Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum and Wasted Youth’s David Kushner.

Stone Temple Pilots (9)

STP eventually reunited in 2008 and started touring extensively, In 2010 they released the album “Stone Temple Pilots.”

As expected, the STP concert crowd was filled with 30-somethings trying to relive lost glory. Many came in standard ‘90s grunge outfits composed of a black top, plaid button-down shirt, torn jeans and Doc Martens. A few men came their polo barongs, looking like they came straight from the office.

Stone Temple Pilots (3)

Front act was SinosiKat, which seemed like an odd choice, but some insiders said that STP requested for a band that had a female lead vocalist. Kat and her group were energetic but sadly played to a half empty coliseum since people decided to have dinner during their set.

STP started their set late, around 9:30 and opened the concert with Crackerman promptly followed by anthems like Wicked Garden and Vasoline.

Stone Temple Pilots (5)

To read more about my experience during the STP concert last Wednesday, please read the rest of the article here.

all photos courtesy of Niña Sandejas

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March 13th, 2011 at 6:59 am