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i’m going to let you in on a little secret – i’ve always been a shoe addict. i may love me some balenciaga, chanel or louis vuitton bags but shoes are my one true love. i am not ashamed to admit that my first big paycheck was spent on a pair of oddly shaped costume national slingbacks at otto tootsi plohound(a store that no longer exists! WOW) which still make my heart do little somersaults whenever i wear them.

i don’t discriminate, i even like toms!

admittedly, i find the shoe selection available in manila a little meh. that’s what i don’t really get – we have almost all major bag brands including an hermes store and nice bags can be bought locally but shoes? nada. that’s why i’ve made it a mission whenever i’m abroad to buy shoes.

doc martens
my 10-hole doc marten’s. which i had to buy all the way in singapore!

during my trip to HK over the holidays, i went nuts! i was walking around the usual suspects of lane crawford, joyce/on predder, IT, etc as i was trying to avoid celine. but i guess something just made me go in the pacific place store. lo and behold, some past season shoes and bags were 50% off! what a delight. i died! i bought a few pairs and i saw these.

*thump*thump* and how am i going to walk in these? let me be the one to worry about that! LOL

my friend L had these in black and i fell in love with them but could not justify the purchase in its original full price.(another secret? i only buy designer shoes on sale!) since L had the black ones, i was really obsessing over the blue ones. i asked the SA if they had it in my size and guess what? they did. another shoe mission accomplished! my shoe purchases in HK made my rather “dismal” holidays happy!

Los Angeles 2010
trying on shoes at barneys in beverly hills. *sigh*

i know, such shallow and materialistic concerns but we are entitled to our little addictions, right? yah, much like how the president is addicted to porsches. ahh such simple joys..NOT! but yah, before this becomes political i’m just trying to say that shoes are the most democratic pieces in fashion. one can be fat or thin, ugly or pretty, petite or curvy — yet every woman looks and feels fantastic in amazing footwear.

a solid pair of shoes changes the way you stand, the way you walk and the way you look. shoes can make or break an outfit. you may wear something as plain as a white shirt and black skirt, but with the right killer heels, you’ll definitely make a statement. shoes not only punctuate the look, they also define who you are.

and yes, i’m grace and i’m a shoe addict.

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