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just a little over a month ago, word about je suis gourmand or JSG closing at the end of the year started to go around. this piece of news sent waves of quiet panic among food lovers across the local facebook and twitter communities. everybody asked – butttt whyyyy???

according to chef marc aubry, the restaurant was not doing so well and the partners decided to close it on december 31st. for me, JSG was an old reliable, the restaurant offered good quality french-inspired food and a respectable wine list but with an affordable price range. it’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years. JSG can proudly call themselves one of the pioneers in making the fort the culinary mecca it is today.

that said, my friend D, her hubby A(who had their engagement party at JSG) and i decided we needed to have our last supper of sorts at JSG just before the holidays. unfortunately, A was stuck in europe due to the bad weather so i invited another friend to join us for dinner.

the menu was paired down to a two-pager which boasts of classics and favorites.

 Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine
we started off with their best-selling homemade duck foie gras terrine. it was creamy, clean and amazing. one of the best i’ve tasted outside of france.

 US Black Angus Beef Onglet with Roasted Shallots, Fries and Salad
D ordered the black angus onglet with roasted shallots, fries and salad. onglet is the part surrounding the diaphragm of the cow. it was quite tender even if D preferred her steak well done.

Braised Ox Tongue and Veal Cheeks Bourguignon Style
A ordered the braised ox tongue and veal cheeks bourguignon style. the dish was very homey and earthy, the roasted vegetables were also a delight.

 Blue Cheese Carbonara Linguini
not exactly french but this is one of my fave dishes at JSG – the blue cheese carbonara linguini with roasted smoked bacon and grilled prawns. still a winner!

we capped off the meal with two desserts – the raspberry sherbet with white chocolate sauce and the homemade coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans

Raspberry Sherbet

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

we also had a nice south african chardonnay to accompany our meal, that with the awesome food and equally great company, made this dinner one of the best meals i’ve had in recent memory.

thank you, je suis gourmand. you shall be missed.

first photo from websushidesign.com

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