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The National Interest

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The National with Barack Obama

when i booked for my tickets to watch The National in Singapore, I just emailed their PR and management team for an interview because you know, why not? and they said YES!

The National for On the Radar

i had the chance to chat with scott devendorf over the phone. i was kind of a wreck before the interview. thankfully, it went on so smoothly. we talked about so many things, too bad i can’t print everything for on the radar.

The National (Press Photo 2)

below is an excerpt of my interview:

Philippine Star:After the critical success of both ”Alligator” and ”Boxer,” did you feel any kind of pressure while recording ”High Violet”? Was the songwriting process different?

Yes, it’s different. It usually takes us a while to make records like a couple of years or so. We felt an internal pressure as far as making a record because we try to make a different one every time. At the end of the ”Boxer” touring cycle, we saved enough money from the shows to build our own recording studio at Aaron’s house. It’s just a garage and it’s small but it’s really effective for us. It also made the recording process for ”High Violet” different. When we were recording ”Boxer,” we did it in another studio which we also did part of ”High Violet” in. But with our little studio, we had more freedom to explore the songs a little more. You can see that in the recording process as well as in the songwriting.

How did you guys get involved with the Red+Hot compilation “Dark Was The Night”? What was that process like being amongst Bon Iver, Yeasayer, David Byrne, etc.? How did you pick the songs for the compilation?

That was actually a long process as well and it took us a couple of years to finish it. Aaron and Bryce were the ones in charge in curating that project. We knew a lot of fellow Brooklyn-based bands who were touring and recording or people we were friends with or friends of friends. We wanted everyone to contribute a song, which is neither a cast-off song nor a B-Side. We needed something that was specifically for the record, maybe a near-and-dear song or a really good cover. In over two years, we convinced a lot of people to help us with Red+Hot and “Dark was the Night” was sort of a companion piece for the ’90s “No Alternative.”

The National

for more of my interview for on the radar, please check out this link.

To know more about The National visit their website at http://www.americanmary.com/ and you can also follow them on Twitter: @The_National. For tickets to their show in Singapore, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg.

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Thanks to Tom Wironen of Post Hoc Management for making this interview possible.

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