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rock stars *drool*

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I am a self-proclaimed rocker chick and I spent the better part of high school drooling over dirty, fuzz-faced, brooding rock star types. Sure, I kind of outgrew them in college and the early part of adulthood and picked preppy cute boy types, but deep down, dirty rocker boys REALLY make my ovaries quiver!

When asked to describe my new rock star crush(franco reyes of franco), I was like “he’s like sexy, dirty with cute face and facial hair! Like chris cornell!” and Kevin couldn’t get why I thought that kind of guy was hot. LOL!

So here’s my list of dirty rock stars(it really is just an excuse to google their photos!):

1. Jim Morrisson – I think it’s the leather pants!
2. Eddie Vedder – AWW. First love <3
3. Chris Cornell – I think it’s the half snarl-half scream, he’s just amazing.
4. Gavin Rossdale – many say, he’s the hottest rockstar EVAR. And I agree.
5. Jakob Dylan – BLUE EYES! And son of rock legend. Nuff said.
6. Evan Dando – wow, he can always be my drug buddy!
7. Jeff Buckley – he died wayyy too soon!
8. Lenny Kravitz – although he’s not that tall, he’s hot. And he procreated with my childhood hero lisa bonnet
9. Raine Maida – if you don’t know him, please google. He’s so hot, hotter in person. I died when I saw an Our Lady Peace gig in NYC.
10. Trent Reznor – Loud + angry + douchebag = SEXY!

And based on my quick twitter survey, girls also like Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Thomas (GAY!), Chris Daughtry, Brandon Boyd, Freddie Mercury(GAY!), Sting, David Bowie, Dave Navarro. How about you?

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May 21st, 2010 at 4:46 pm