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Now is our TIME

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as the philippines goes head on towards one of our most important elections, i really just have one basic plea – go out and VOTE.

it is the fundamental right of every citizen of a democratic country to vote. as i’ve said in my previous entry, i neglected this right for 12 years. but as i’ve stayed and lived long enough in this country as an adult, i’ve realized that the only way for me to truly let my voice be heard and participate in moving this country forward is through the election process.

and if you’re asking me who i’m voting for president, it’s definitely gibo. i’m not going to convince you to vote for him and neither am i going to go through a long list of things of why i’m voting for gibo.but i’ll tell you what i was looking for.

1. family background – i was looking for solid roots, we can go through his long list of relatives and how they lived their lives.

2. academic background – i know some people tend to think this part is overrated, but i come from a long line of academic overachievers and i grew up believing that a big part of your success and character is how you performed as a student.

3. political track record – it doesn’t have to be perfect decisions but i do look for productivity and efficiency.

4. demeanor and character – the way he treats his people and the graciousness in his tone speak volumes of what kind of leader he is going to be.

5. type of campaign – for many of us who have lived long enough, we are sick and tired of mudslinging, black propaganda and non-sense celebrity endorsers.

i was driving home the other night and i was trying to articulate the last bit of what i was looking for in a president and it struck me – his VISION should EQUAL HIS ABILITIES.

all this talk about the need for change is all hogwash if the president’s abilities and actions do not reflect this forward-looking mindset.

and if we continue to allow ourselves to choose lesser evils, do we really think this is the way to move forward?

on monday, may 10th, i urge you to vote and to choose the person who you think will BEST lead this country forward. there is a wide field to choose from, there are EIGHT candidates. not TWO.

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May 6th, 2010 at 9:29 am

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