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in my life

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the very first time i saw the trailer of vilma santos’ comeback movie with star cinema, i was beyond excited. vilma santos + gay son + new york city? it’s almost natural that i’d want to see that!

yes, i love local movies. i think they’re fun and campy. some are actually pretty good and some are so bad that it becomes good. and yes i LOVE vilma santos. chuvaness is a certified noranian while i love ate vi but admittedly, not to a point to be called a vilmanian. but still. so the point is – i was bound to watch “in my life” on its first day.

my verdict – the trailer is waaaay better than the actual movie. my favorite vilma santos line in the trailer was “anak, bumabalik ka na naman sa mga ER” as shirley templo(I KID YOU NOT) was lecturing her gay son, mark templo(to all UP peeps of my generation, i almost fell off my seat because i thought i heard MIKE templo). and i will try to translate that particular line as best as i can – “son, you’re going back to your blue collar type”. LOL. and guess what, they edited the damn thing out!

to those who are not familiar with pinoy gayspeak, the term “ER” refers to blue collar – laborER, drivER, janitER(sic). my twitter friend mark said, in jest, that “ER” can also be used in lawyER, doctER(sic), enginER. LOL. but i digress.

the movie had SOME funny moments but they were few and far between. and cecile and i had a lot of issues about the new york setting. here are a few of them:

– mark templo lives in a brownstone lane in the upper west side and there are sirens 24/7. ok FYI folks, i lived in the upper west side and near brownstones. the sirens do not set off every 5 seconds.
– the apartment where nikki whatsherface lives has the interior of a manila condotel. a cross between richmonde and discovery
– rafael rossell has the dumbest american accent. firstly, he’s norwegian. secondly, the accent is neither here nor there. he sounded like a bad call center agent.
– the best bagels are found in H&H.
– there are a lot better looking older guys than eli in NYC!!! omg. NYC is cuteness heaven. even old guys take care of themselves.
– during a scene in a gay club, why are there VERY FEW HOT GAY MEN. as my last bullet point said, NYC is cuteness heaven. and gay new yorkers ARE HOT and NUMEROUS.
– NYC/NJ parks do not have carabao grass. you think you can fool people by filming scenes at the ninoy aquino parks and wildlife? OMG. so not designed by FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED.
– NYC funeral homes do not have SM home trash cans, potted fern plants and large signs with CHAPEL D at the door.
– the A&C train straddles the west side. for the life of me, i do not know how vilma got to east harlem. did she take a cross town bus? please explain.
– again, NJ mcmansions do not have carabao grass. i repeat, the tri-state area does not have CARABAO GRASS
– and why aren’t my NYC gay friends in any of the scenes? it’s so odd. all of them are like NYC gay pinoy staples. they must be an extra in one or two scenes especially in the funeral scene!!!

ok these are just a few comments on top of my head. oh yah! JLC looked fug. like loren haggarda fug in his NYC shots. no liz uy perhaps? 😀 and yah, props to the half-naked shots of luis manzano and rafael rossell playing ultimate frisbee in central park. SoNY, they got that right.

we really wanted to love the movie but we were just supremely disappointed. but hey, i have to give it to the ending. i had to hold cecile’s and jay’s hand in shock. it was that unexpected.

photo credit – chuvaness

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September 17th, 2009 at 8:31 am