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treasury hotness

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i’ve been crushing on tim geithner, the most grilled and overworked person on earth right now, since the time obama started vetting for different posts in his cabinet. for a bureaucrat, i think he is pretty HOT. well, come to think of it, he is pretty good looking man in any realm. i also heard he surfs and i also heard him say “waaaay” when he described the economy(which is kind of scary to hear valley speak used in such a crisis). anyway, i seldom have crushes on bureaucrats(adel tamano doesn’t count, he doesn’t hold a cabinet post as of yet) but mr. geithner is most probably the hottest cabinet secretary on earth. ok, maybe in the US. i remember developing an insane infatuation on former finance secretary lito camacho(currently, the vice chairman of credit suisse for asia-pac) some years back and kind of swelled again last month during a meeting i had with him. he is soooo cute and smart and funny …i can go on and on.

but that’s just me. i have this weird predilection towards man/guy extremes – good boy/serious types on one end and crazy/player/douchebags on the other – sadly, nothing in between.

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March 26th, 2009 at 10:01 am