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a statistic.

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yes, i am a pathetic statistic of the female persuasion who saw “he’s just not that into you”. might be the 4 beers i drank during happy hour before hitting the cinemas, but i liked the movie.

the premise of the sex and the city episode, and subsequent book and movie, revolves around one thing – girls and girl friends, in general, are pre-disposed to be each other’s cheerleaders and will make up every excuse just to make each other feel better most especially about boys and dating.

if you get to read the book, it will probably make you depressed and feel unattractive for a good week or so – just imagine, all your “kilig” moments are all just coincidences and all the lousy excuses you make about boys not calling or not emailing or not texting gone to the wayside. and really, no excuses should be made – he’s just not that into you. when you really think about it though, the idea is really very refreshing. it just unshackles you from all the overthinking and self-doubt.

my favorite story is probably jennifer aniston’s, some of the other ones like scarlett johansson’s or that girl from big love, they were funny all right but jen’s story, and the way it unfolded, was painful and real at the same time – she was in a 7-year relationship and she wasn’t getting any younger and there still wasn’t a ring. not that ever happened to me (LOL!), but i don’t know…it’s this girl programming of wanting a big ring and a beautiful gown and walking down the aisle to meet the man of our dreams – it’s all contrived to a certain extent. it’s this HUGE overshadowing pressure and stress put upon girls of a certain age. it’s not fun, you know. why should happiness, contentment and the success of a woman be tied to a big rock and a beautiful wedding?

sure, the movie had its hollywood endings. kind of a disappointment, but you know, sad to admit, but even if we adhere to the basic tenets of the “he’s just not into you” philosophy, deeeeeeep down, we all want to fall in love like in the movies and we still want our happy endings. we want magic and spark. that’s just too hard to shake off.

Written by divasoria

February 22nd, 2009 at 3:54 pm