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am i missing something?

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i am the first person to tell you that i’m very shallow. extremely shallow. and judgmental. i love nice shiny expensive things. i get distracted by a hot boy’s presence. i lose my train of thought at the sight of a pair of azzedine alaia sandals or the F/W 2008 edition pewter-colored medium classic chanel flap in caviar leather.

i mean, sure i may listen to NPR at work or watch c-span on my free time but don’t let that fool you though. i absolutely love trashy TV. i love e!’s talk soup, kimora lee’s fabulous life, meet the kardashians, an occasional bachelor or two. i will also tell you that i loved MTV’s real world in the 90s. my favorites are seattle and boston(wait, i also kinda liked chicago because of the hot guy from princeton. hee-hee). and of course, i LOVE, and i mean LOVE gossip girl. but the one thing i do not get is the hills and lauren conrad(haha ok, two then).

at the fervent advice of a couple of new york-based friends, they hounded me to watch a full season of the hills in one go. i kind of enjoyed the first 10 minutes but after that, i thought i was in the twilight zone. it was an eternal collage of lauren conrad half-smiling at herself, making googly eyes with the camera and giggling incessantly to brody jenner’s lameness. it doesn’t help that the show tries to make it like lauren is so spontaneous. yah, spontaneously stupid and constipated. 10 minutes into the hills, i stood up and walked away from the TV and asked God what did i do with the last few moments of my life. it was that bad.

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July 30th, 2008 at 9:03 am