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lost glory

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i have recently taken a liking for michael jackson again, no thanks to emily’s drunken belligerent insistence of playing michael jackson songs in our discovery shores suite. MJ is one of the real musical geniuses of the 20th century, and it’s so disconcerting to see what has become of him now. we can hardly take him seriously nowadays but you have to admit, his songs are real classics.

i personally prefer the original versions and none of the mumbo jumbo remakes, save for one remake or shall we say, sampling of “wanna be starting something” for rihanna’s “don’t stop the music”(yes kids, the catchy line “mamasay, mamasan, mamosan” was a michael jackson sample).

My top 5 MJ songs –
1. Rock With You
2. Billy Jean
3. Human Nature
4. I just can’t stop loving you
5. Off the wall

so if you plan to ride my car one of these days, sorry but you gotta be ready for a constant playlist of old skool MJ. :p

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July 27th, 2008 at 8:31 pm

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wine and dine – cav

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manila likes to tout itself as a foodie haven, but after 5 years of moving back home, i think i’ve become jaded. everything seems old or just a re-hash of something you’ve tried somewhere else in the world.

one of the top places people currently claim as manila’s best is cav. a wine bar and cafe, it also boasts of having one of the two wine vending machines available in asia. rather interesting concept, the process involves purchasing a card with a preferred monetary amount in it, works much like a pre-paid SIM card. you insert the card in the machine and you choose which wine you want to try. the wine costs around 100 to 900 pesos per glass. the dining part is mostly a prix fixe menu, you either pick a two-course meal(890) or three-course meal(1100) and you choose a variety of dishes from appetizer to dessert.

the prices are rather affordable but food quality ranges from mediocre to just ok. i prefer the appetizers and the desserts as the main course dishes are…blech. what i find particularly appalling is their corkage. if you buy a bottle of wine worth less than 1500, you pay a 350-peso corkage fee. say..WHAT?!?!?!?

i am so not an oenophile as i prefer dry and really fruity wines mostly whites. so when celina and her friends were in town and we went to cav to drink, i was just flabbergasted by the thought of a stupid corkage fee for a wine we got from their OWN cellar. WTF.

needless to say, we chucked the bottle back to our waiter and walked out of cav.

(photo credit: DOP)

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July 27th, 2008 at 7:46 pm

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