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maggie vs. katie

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i overheard two straight guys talking about their preferrence for katie holmes over maggie gyllenhaal as rachel dawes. sorry, but that’s just such a typical straight guy thing to say. and i was trying hard not to show how annoyed i was with that stupid conclusion.

sure, katie holmes has become a “style icon”. yes, let’s put the style icon between quotation marks because i really think her current style, as cute as it may seem, is contrived. she obviously didn’t dress herself like that

i mean, katie katie katie katie, you can never fool us. HELLO, you are joey potter! for the record, i hated joey potter. katie holmes and joey potter represent the BEIGE GIRL. the girl who likes to call herself a guy’s name just to sound cute. the girl who likes to flutter her puppy dog eyes and twist her little mouth to get a guy’s affection. the girl who would be sweet and comforting whenever the guy needed a shoulder to cry on. *rolls eyes* and now katie is all “WOO!!! i’m all about hermes, gucci, fancy haircuts, baby suri and tom cruise”. PUUHHHH-LEEEEZ. i don’t buy it!

so obviously, this whole maggie vs katie thing is pretty personal to me. because any sane, smart and strong working woman(and gay) would really see the brilliance behind picking maggie over katie. maggie is intelligent and quirky and talented and doesn’t need a god-damn stylist to make minute decisions about what to wear. and if you say maggie doesn’t have style, ooh my dear, you are SO WRONG. she’s been wearing chanel couture WAAAAAAYY before tom cruise came into katie’s life.

beat that, joey potter.

Written by divasoria

July 22nd, 2008 at 9:17 pm